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Market’s inflation forecast easesExpectations from financial institutions polled by the Brazilian Central Bank for the Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA) dropped from 7.26% to 7.21%.


Here comes the Olympic tourist

Foreigners set to travel to Brazil for the Olympics should visit other cities besides Rio. Foz do Iguaçu and the Northeast beaches are some of the destinations.

Câmara Arabe TV

Programme 159 Reproduction

Rachid Belanes, director of Economic Affairs at the Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency of Tunisia, talks about the solutions the institution offers to entrepreneurs interested in investing in the country.


Federal debt increased 2.77%From May to June, it went up from BRL 2.87 trillion (USD 876 billion) to BRL 2.95 trillion (USD 900 billion). The government’s forecast on the debt at year-end could reach BRL 3.3 trillion (USD 1 billion).