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Olympics legacy to amount to US$ 10 bnThis is the value of investments in projects for the Olympic Games in 2016 which will be used by the population of the host city, Rio de Janeiro, after the games.

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Procon-SP to serve tourists during the World Cup Elza Fiúza/Agência Brasil

Consumer protection organization will launch a website with consumer rights and useful phone numbers before the beginning of the World Cup matches. The portal will also have a channel for tourists’ complaints.


Economic activity in Brazil grew 0.24%The percentage was seen in February in a survey by the Brazilian Central Bank. There has been a deceleration in comparison to January.


Repairs at Immigrants’ House

After a period of three years closed, the Immigration Museum will reopen to the public in the end of May, in São Paulo. The building was repaired and a permanent exhibition will offer “sensory” experiences to visitors.

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Programme 93 Reprodução

Watch in this episode: Arab Week in Brasília; Algerian Culture Week in Brazil; imported foodstuffs; and Manaus, the most exotic host city of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.