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IMF discusses tax with ArabsTechnicians from the International Monetary Fund and delegates from ten Arab countries met in Beirut to discuss ways to perfect tax and customs management.

Anba na copa

US$ 6 billion worth of deals during the Cup Press release

This is the amount that contacts between Brazilian and foreign businessmen during the World Cup should yield. From the 104 participating countries, 15 were Arab.


Syrian refugees hit 3 million markSuch is the number of people who have fled the country due to the civil war that broke out in 2011. Internally displaced persons amount to 6.5 million.


Football Museum becomes arena for World Cup tourists

The venue is hosting an exhibit about the 20 World Cups that jokingly tells of how Brazil has ‘won’ all of them. Even before the championship has begun, foreigners have turned up to visit.

Câmara Arabe TV

Programme 99 Reproduction

Watch in this episode: Arab ambassadors visit Santa Catarina state; how to welcome an Arab guest; Professor Claudio Jorge Monteiro from the FGV School of Economics; and the Apas supermarket fair.