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Business opportunities

Import tax rate on 654 items is reducedThe Chamber of Foreign Trade reduced from 14% to 2% the tax rate on 636 capital goods and from 16% to 2% of 18 products of IT and telecommunications.


Dubai’s souks

The markets that carry artisanal products and a bit of everything are where one experiences the true Arab culture. In the Emirates, even these traditional outlets have their high-end version.

Câmara Arabe TV

Programme 103 Reproduction

Watch in this episode: Arab companies at the CPhI South America trade fair; the Apas Fair, a key event for the supermarket industry; a lecture by professor Arlene Clemesha; and Rio de Janeiro's Botanical Gardens.


Global steel production up 0.1%Output increased year-on-year in November, driven by North and South America, but declined in China.