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20/03/2018 at 17:38h

Maggi: Brazil uses rainwater in agriculture

According to the minister of Agriculture, 90% of the water used in farms is rainwater and only 10% comes from irrigation systems.

13/03/2018 at 16:41h

Agricultural output to reach USD 158 billion

According to estimates, the value from crops and livestock farming will be down 5.2% in 2018 from 2017 in Brazil.

12/03/2018 at 18:55h

Agribusiness exports up 5.2%

Shipments by the sector totaled USD 6.23 billion in February. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were the highlights among the destination markets.

09/03/2018 at 17:58h

Coffee exports to Arabs fall 15%

According to Cecafé, the sector’s association, countries from the region bought 199,500 bags of coffee in the first two months. Revenues also slid 22.6%.

08/03/2018 at 12:51h

Institutes revise up crop forecasts

The National Supply Company changed its 2017/2018 harvest estimate, and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics its 2018 prediction. Still, output should drop from last year’s record numbers.

07/03/2018 at 18:32h

Arab market valued by agricultural machinery industry

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Companies attending Expodireto Cotrijal are interested in selling to the region. The Arab Chamber is at the Rio Grande do Sul trade expo and is planning joint actions with Não-Me-Toque city hall to boost exports.

06/03/2018 at 13:22h

Share of Minerva’s exports to Middle East up

The region accounted for 23% of foreign sales by the Brazilian meat company last year, up 21% from 2016, and Minerva reports that consumption there is increasing.

02/03/2018 at 12:47h

Poultry exports dropped in February

International poultry sales volume and revenue went down last month, to 310,500 tons and USD 496.2 million. Some countries stepped up their imports from Brazil, including the United Arab Emirates.

27/02/2018 at 19:49h

Plan designed to boost fruit exports

Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture launched a new initiative this Tuesday. Although the country is the world’s third biggest producer, it ranks 23rd when it comes to foreign sales.

16/02/2018 at 19:08h

Agricultural production value could drop

Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture expects output to amount to BRL 516.6 billion this year, down 4.9% from 2017.

15/02/2018 at 18:34h

Dairy exports to Arab countries up 26%

Sales from Brazil increased in 2017 from 2016, whereas total foreign sales of milk-based products slid. Exports to Saudi Arabia weakened, but Algeria resumed buying Brazilian product.

09/02/2018 at 13:52h

Brazil coffee exports to Arabs slid

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Shipments to the region declined 7% in volume in January, in line with the exports decline of the product in general. However, exports from selected and premium coffee has gone up.