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16/06/2017 at 07:00h

Brazil sells management software to Saudi hospital

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The Philips-made healthcare management program Tasy will be adopted by a facility in Riyadh. It will be the first facility in an Arab country to employ the Brazilian system.

13/06/2017 at 07:00h

Brazilian entrepreneur presented bitcoin project in Dubai

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A startup from Minas Gerais, Brazil, was chosen for a technology competition last month in the UAE. The company assists with bitcoin-based international cash transfers to natural persons.

08/05/2017 at 19:34h

Brazilian satellite to reach destination on Saturday

A rocket carrying the device was launched last week from the French Guyana. The goal is to increase broadband availability in Brazil.

24/03/2017 at 07:00h

Brazilian activities desk to sell to Arabs

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Startup company Playmove of Blumenau, Santa Catarina drew interest from enterprises in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The first sales deals will probably be closed within a few weeks.

20/03/2017 at 16:56h

Brazil will launch a satellite this Wednesday

The launching, to be made from the French Guiana, was scheduled for Tuesday, but it was later shifted. It will be the first Brazilian geostationary satellite for civil and military purposes.

08/01/2017 at 07:00h

Fruit transportation is now safer

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Packaging developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) in partnership with other institutes contributes to avoid waste in domestic and international shipping.

19/09/2016 at 07:00h

Saudis to use technology developed in Brazil

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Federal University of Pernambuco scientist Fred Freitas is the head of creation of a reasoner that will be used in a Saudi Arabian university.

30/08/2016 at 17:23h

Technology can cut foreign trade processing times

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At the University of São Paulo, specialists championed the use of technology for faster exports processing in Brazil, particularly for agribusiness. The Arab Chamber’s CEO Michel Alaby explained the organization’s work.

26/08/2016 at 19:32h

Brazilian university’s seminar to cover the internet of things

A discussion on the use of the technology in agribusiness, healthcare and industry is set for next Tuesday at University of São Paulo. Michel Alaby, the Arab Chamber’s CEO, will be one of the speakers.

24/08/2016 at 13:14h

Embraer to train Moroccan engineers

An agreement between the Brazilian company and the Arab country’s aviation academy establish a training partnership for aeronautic engineering professionals. Details are still being discussed.

16/08/2016 at 07:00h

Arab Chamber launches new website

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The new homepage presents a modern layout that is now optimized for all platforms: desktop, smartphone and tablets. In 2017, the Arabic version will go online.

29/06/2016 at 18:24h

Arabs raise over USD 20 million through crowdfunding

Such was the amount collected by 17 collective financing companies from 2012 through April 2016, according to a survey. Regulatory issues pose a challenge.