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03/10/2012 - 00:14hs

Lima stopped for the Aspa Summit

Peru declared a holiday in the capital and the neighbouring city of Callao. The streets of the main hotels were closed and security was increased. The Arabs witnessed a live show of local culture.

Lima – The Peruvian capital stopped for the Aspa Summit to come through. This Monday (1st) and Tuesday (2nd), the city hosted the 3rd Summit of South American-Arab Countries and made the event into a unique moment for the country. Ministers from all cabinets attended both the business forum and head-of-state meetings, advertising their projects and investment opportunities, signing agreements, setting up talks for promising relationships with the Arabs, and speaking to the press.

Isaura Daniel/ANBA
Isaura Daniel/ANBA

The city took a break from its routine for the Summit

The streets of the main hotels, which lodged the heads of state and government, were closed. Perimeters were secured around the National Library, the Ministry of Culture, and the National Theatre, where members of the press and government officials in attendance came together. The population literally withdrew from the area, and only official cars or pedestrians were allowed in.

The citizens of Lima were given a prolonged weekend as a gift from the government, which declared a holiday in the city and the neighbouring Callao in order to make way for the Aspa Summit. In the area where the event took place, Peruvian police was in large numbers, with their green attire and Andean features. Hundreds of journalists flocked to Lima to cover the meeting. At the business forum, Arabs in traditional dress were in most demand for their exoticness.

This Wednesday (3rd), Lima will resume its routine and those who went on holiday trips will return, but Peru has shown the Arabs its face. Not just in talks and lectures, with their highly idiosyncratic Spanish, but also in their dancing, because a grand concert was held on Monday evening to showcase the rich Peruvian cultural heritage to the guests. The meeting of presidents was accompanied by the national hymn of Peru and a traditional local dance performance, filled with colour and joy.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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