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05/04/2013 - 11:09hs

Emirates selects environmental projects

The airline of Dubai should make available US$ 150,000 for initiatives for conservation of the environment around the world. The programs should have an impact on countries served by the company. Enrolment ends on April 25th.

São Paulo – Emirates, the airline of Dubai, should make available US$ 150,000 to support environmental projects around the world in a programme called “A Greener Tomorrow”. Not- for-profit environmental or conservation organisations from any part of the world may send proposals up to April 25th, according to information disclosed by the company. The recycling programmes funds will come from the company’s internal recycling programme.

The projects will be evaluated in two phases. The first is analysis of the proposals by a commission of executives at Emirates and members of the company’s Environmental Department, and the second is evaluation by the team dedicated to environmental questions at Emirates Group. In the second phase, the project should be presented in greater detail.

Emirates operates in 70 countries and one of the criteria for evaluation is the impact in countries in this group, mainly the developing nations. For evaluation, the projects must come from not-for-profit environmental or conservation organisations, must clearly show the results for the environment, must have detailed plans and must be deliverable in up to 24 months. Projects by organisations that are audited, existent or that are connected to existing organisations will have preference, as will those generating the greatest environmental result.

According to information disclosed by a spokesperson for the company, Emirates reuses around five million kilograms of material a year in several kinds of actions. The company, for example, recycles the ceramics used on the aircraft as well as taking measures to reduce consumption of fuel and aircraft carbon dioxide emissions.

The company also has other projects, Desert Conservation Reserve, a natural reserve in Dubai that is turned to the conservation of local biodiversity, with an area of 225 square kilometres, with animal and vegetable species.

"Reflecting Emirates belief that sustainability is necessary, not a choice, ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ focuses on supporting not-for profit organisations to achieve clear environmental outcomes and deliverables. Emirates serves six continents and while we cannot yet make a difference everywhere, ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ helps us take the first of many steps in that direction ", said Andrew Parker, senior vice president of Public, Industry, International and Environment Affairs at Emirates according to a company press statement. Further information may be obtained at the link below.


A Greener Tomorrow

Site: www.emirates.com/english/environment/a-greener-tomorrow.aspx
E-mail: greenertomorrow@emirates.com

*Translated by Mark Ament

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