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04/09/2013 - 15:29hs

Commodity prices up 3.77%

The index which measures the variation in cost of Brazilian products traded abroad was up in August from July, according to the Central Bank.

Brasília – The Brazil Commodities Index (IC-Br), compiled by the Brazilian Central Bank, was up 3.77% in August from July 2013. In the 12-month period ended August, the index was up 5.35%. Year-to-date through August, the index was up 3.54%.

The IC-Br is calculated based on fluctuations in the price of Brazilian basic goods (commodities) traded abroad. The Central Bank monitors the products relevant to consumer price dynamics in Brazil.

In August, the highest increase was seen in metals (aluminium, iron ore, copper, tin, zinc, lead and nickel), at 9.70%, followed by energy commodities (oil, natural gas and coal), up 4.21%. Agricultural commodities (beef and pork, cotton, soya oil, wheat, sugar, maize, coffee and rice) were up 2.38%.

Last month, the International Commodity Price Index of the Commodity Research Bureau was up 4.31%. In the 12-month period ended August, the international index was up 11.34%.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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