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14/07/2014 - 17:04hs

Blatter awards 9.25 mark for Brazil’s World Cup

Fifa’s president says that it will be hard for future editions of the Cup to top off Brazil’s due to the quality of football seen.

Rio de Janeiro – Fifa’s president, Joseph Blatter, avoid comparisons between Brazil’s World Cup and previous editions of the event, but said next editions will have a hard time topping off World Cup 2014, for the quality of football seen.

Asked about the mark he would award Brazil’s Cup, after awarding 9 to South Africa, Blatter jokingly gave the event a 9.25 mark, as “there is no perfection”. "What makes this so very, very special was the quality of the football and the intensity of the games," said Fifa’s president.

He pointed out the fact that there were not many athletes injured and the teams played offensively from the first phase. "You can't compare to other World Cups as they all have their history but on the pitch this was exceptional."

Blatter pointed out as great moments of the Cup the opening game (Brazil v Croatia, in stadium Itaquerão, São Paulo), in which he said he “felt something will change in this country," and when Holland beat Spain (in Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador) in the first game of both teams. "When Spain, the defending champions, lost 5-1 to Holland, I knew this was going to be a very special World Cup", said the president, who thanked Brazilian people for the way they hosted the event.

*Translated by Rodrigo Mendonça

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