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14/07/2014 - 17:53hs

Tourists: 95% want to return to Brazil

High levels of satisfaction were detected in a poll of foreign visitors during the World Cup. The vast majority of them have plans of returning to the country in the future.

São Paulo – A poll conducted by the Economic Research Foundation Institute (Fipe, in the Portuguese acronym) and released by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has shown that to 83% of foreign World Cup tourists, Brazil has either completely fulfilled their expectations or exceeded them. Furthermore, 95% of these tourists plan on returning to the country.

One of them is the 29-year-old Chinese-born, Canadian-based engineer Lixiang Chen. He watched the World Cup final at the Fifa Fan Fest in the Federal District’s Taguatinga neighbourhood with his friends Shun Du, 28, who has lived in Brazil for 3 years, and Da Liu, 29, who lives in London. He arrived in Brazil on July 3rd to watch the Cup. Prior to Brasília, he has travelled to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

"I am loving Brazil, the people are warm, friendly and more open. There is more interaction between people here than in Canada. I have loved picanha, guaraná and açaí. They are priceless. My experience in Brazil has been much better than I expected. I want to come back for sure, especially to Rio, the city I have enjoyed the most,” said the Chinese, who returned to Montreal this Monday (14th).

According to the poll, the best-rated services by foreigners were hospitality and gastronomy, with approval rates of 98% and 93%, respectively. The approval rate for public safety was 92%. A total of 6,627 foreign tourists were polled.

Even though teams from only 32 countries have played the World Cup, tourists from 203 countries travelled to Brazil during the tournament. According to the Secretariat for Civil Aviation of the Brazilian Presidency, approximately 490,000 foreigners arrived in Brazil on international flights from June 1st through July 1st. Another 3 million Brazilians travelled around the country during the Cup.

Out of 6,038 Brazilians polled, 90.5% gave positive assessments of services and hospitality. Public safety had a lower rating among Brazilians, at 83.8%.

From June 10th to July 13th, 16.74 million passengers travelled at the 21 airports in operation during the 2014 Fifa World Cup, according to the Secretariat for Civil Aviation. The busiest day was July 3rd, at 548,000 passengers. According to secretariat, on February 28th, during Carnival, one of Brazil’s largest celebrations, airports received 467,000 passengers.

According to the results, the Guarulhos International Airport received the most tourists: 3.81 million. In all airports, 7.03% of flights had delays exceeding 30 minutes.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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