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13/09/2016 - 17:22hs

Tunisia ranks 12th in Paralympics

It is the best-placed Arab country in the competition that kicked off last week in Rio de Janeiro. Tunisian athletes have won five track and field gold medals. Egypt has won two golds.

São Paulo – Tunisia is the best placed Arab country in the 2016 Paralympic Games, which opened on September 7 in Rio de Janeiro. As of this Tuesday afternoon (13), Tunisian athletes were in 12th in the gold medal table, and 14th overall, according to the competition’s website.

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Maroua Brahmi: gold

Tunisia currently has 12 medals, including five gold, four silver and three bronze ones. China is the best placed country so far with 125 medals, 55 of them gold. Brazil ranks fifth with ten golds.

Most of Tunisia’s gold medals came in track and field. Maroua Brahmi won the women’s club throw F31/32 and set a new record at 26.93 meters. Raoua Tlili led the women’s shot put event F41, Somaya Bousaid won in the women’s 1500 m T12/13 category, Abbes Saidi took gold in men’s 1500 m T38, and Walid Ktila won the men’s 100 m T34 competition.

The Arab country with the second most Paralympic gold medals is Egypt, at 28th. The country has two golds, three silvers and three bronzes. Both gold medals came in weightlifting – Sherif Osman won in men’s -59 kg and Randa Mahmoud won women’s -86 kg. Osman lifted a record-high 211 kg, beating his own previous record of 210.5 kg.

Algeria, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain and Kuwait have one gold medal each. The gold winner for Algeria was Abdlellatif Baka, in men’s 1500 T12/13. Iraq’s gold came in the men’s javelin throw, with Kovan Abdulraheem.

The UAE’s Mohammed Khalaf won the men’s -88 kg weightlifting event, Azeddine Nouiri of Morocco won in men’s shot put F34, Fatema Nedham of Bahrain won the women’s shot put F53, and Ahmad Almutiri of Kuwait placed first in the men’s 100 m T33 competition.

In the overall medal count, Algeria stands out with ten medals total. Besides the gold ones, it has five silver and four bronze medals. The country ranks ahead of Egypt at 18th. Egypt has eight medals, and Iraq, the UAE and Morocco have three each. Bahrain and Kuwait only have one gold each.

Other Arab countries have won silver and bronze medals: Jordan has two silvers, Qatar has one, and Saudi Arabia has a bronze. The Paralympics will continue until September 18,

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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