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27/09/2016 - 07:00hs

Fine knitted gowns for Arab parties

Rio Grande do Sul state brand Maria Pavan closed deals with three Arab clients in a fair in Paris. It’s the first time that the brand sells to the UAE. It also has a new Saudi client.

Press Release

Arabs ordered long, sleeveless gowns

São Paulo – Fine knitted gowns by Maria Pavan, a brand from Rio Grande do Sul, are making their way into  Arab stores. The fashion brand received orders from stores from the region during the Who’s Next fair, which took place this month in Paris, France.

“We had two orders from stores in Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] and one from a store in Abu Dhabi [United Arab Emirates]”, says Mariana Pavan, fashion designer and responsible for the presence of the brand in fairs.

“They requested long lurex [yarn with a metallic appearance] gowns. All of the short dresses we had, they asked us to turn them into long ones. They chose nice, party-style pieces”, explains the fashion designer. Each Saudi store ordered 150 pieces, while the UAE store ordered 65.

The pieces sold were from the Summer 2017 collection, all of them sleeveless and in different colors. “The colors chosen were varied. There are many combinations between pink, brown, beige, and some black”, says Pavan. The gowns, made to order, will be delivered to the clients until the end of the year.

According to Pavan, the stores that usually purchase the brands’ items are high-end fashion stores. “Each dress costs EUR 200 on average. If they sell quickly, they order more of the same”, she says.

Maria Pavan designs two collections per year and produces up to 15,000 items per month. Currently, the brand exports 5% of its production to 12 countries. The main buyers are from the United States, England, France, Spain and Italy.

Contact info
Maria Pavan
Website: www.mariapavan.com
Email: export@mariapavan.com
Phone: +55 51 3245-2575

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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