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29/09/2016 - 07:00hs

Brazilian creates perfumes with Arab fragrances

Business owner and now perfumer Julia de Biase created four perfumes with scents typical of the Arab world to sell in her stores in the city of São Paulo. She offers fragrances for men and women.

Press Release

The perfumes are produced in Dubai

São Paulo – A year ago, Brazilian business owner Julia de Biase opened a store specializing in Arab perfumes in the city of São Paulo named Al Zahra. Now, to celebrate the anniversary of the business, she decided to create her own perfumes with scents from the Middle East, which are produced in Dubai and are already on sale here.

“I developed these fragrances in October 2015. I took an internship in the Al Harama company, in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. This company is one of the large producers of oud in the Middle East”, says Biase. Oud is an essence taken from wood and it’s one of the ingredients of the most expensive perfumes in the world. This ingredient is widely used in the perfume industries of Arab countries.

Biase says that she took two courses to become a perfumer, one in France and another in Marrakesh, Morocco, which focused in Eastern perfumery. According to her, she was assisted by Indian perfumers in developing her own perfumes.

The perfumes were produced by a Dubai-based company, which Biase wouldn’t name. There are two perfumes for women, Musk Passione and Lady Oud, and two scents for men, Incense Oud and Safari Oud. According to her, the perfumes are Eastern fragrances based on oud, amber and patchouli, but also bring other elements that are uncommon in Arab perfumery. “The Musk Passion has notes of green apple, which makes it fresher, and the Safari Oud has nutmeg, orange and raspberry, which makes it more citric”, she explains.

The business owner says that she initially produced 2,000 units divided into the four fragrances. “They are very exclusive, well-crafted perfumes and I’m being careful in testing the Brazilian market's acceptance”, she says. “The plan for next year is to add to the line. I already have four or five essences that I’m developing and I want to also develop oils”, she adds.

The perfumes created by Biase went on sale this month in the two Al Zahra stores. The price for a 100 ml bottle is BRL 800 (USD 248.37).

Contact information

Al Zahra
Jardins store:
Rua Melo Alves, 490
Holiday Inn Parque Anhembi store:
Rua Professor Milton Rodrigues, 100
Phone: 55 11 3857-7523

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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