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31/10/2016 - 16:39hs

Islamic world is the topic of course in Brasília

Diplomats and government officials will have a week of classes on Islamic society, culture and state. In its fourth edition, the course will introduce new themes, such as the gender issue.

São Paulo – Organized by the Federation of Muslim Associations in Brazil (Fambras) and Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty) the fourth edition of the course The Islamic World: Society, Culture and State will take place on November 7 to 11 in Brasília.

“We made significant changes, and included the gender issue [the role of women in Islam], which is often asked about, so it received additional time [to be discussed]. Halal also had little room for discussion and received additional time”, says Ali Zoghbi, Fambras’ vice-president and the course’s coordinator, on the changes made for this edition. The term halal refers to what is permissible or allowed in the life of a Muslim, be it on consumption or conduct issues.

Zoghbi also highlights the list of professors of this edition. “We have professors coming from abroad, such as professor Rosa Guerreiro (Sorbone, France), who will talk about medieval Islam. We will also have professor Fernando Brancoli, of UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University), who will talk about geopolitics and Islamism, and will also listen to the testimony of a human rights lawyers that changed his life when he went live with refugees. It’s a compelling testimony. He gave everything up and went on to live three months in Palestine and Lebanon. We decided to place this topic at the end to wrap up the course,” said Zoghbi, mentioning the participation of lawyer Edgard Raoul.

On the course’s last day, Rubens Hannun, vice-president of Foreign Trade of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, will be present the lecture Trade and exports to the Muslim World. “The Arab Chamber have been supporting us continuously and professor Rubens is an important part of the course. His talk is very interesting, with new information on marketing in the Muslim world,” sai Fambras’ president.

Attending the course will be Itamaraty’s employees and from other ministries and federal branches, in addition to diplomats from South America countries that work in Brasília and journalists. Zoghbi said that the last editions showed that the audience leaves the course better prepared to deal with the issues related to Islamic countries. “They will deal with the topics discussed by the course and will have gained experience to deal with these demands on their day to day,” he says.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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