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07/12/2016 - 17:15hs

Natural energy drink for export

Made with yerba mate and guaraná, Waker Energy Drink, from Brasília-based company Brasil Mate, is being sold in France and Portugal. The United Arab Emirates is one of the markets that the company is interested in.

Press Release

The drink has two versions, one with 69 and other with zero calories

São Paulo – A natural energy drink made with yerba mate and guarana. This is the formula of Waker Energy Drink by the Brasília-based company Brasil Mate, which is already at shelves of small stores in France and Portugal, with the company already planning to send it to new markets, including the United Arab Emirates.

Brasil Mate was founded in 2014 by six friends who had majored in automation engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, but that decided to take advantage of a different market niche to do business. “We noticed that people have ever more tiresome daily lives and that the options of energy drinks available in the market were not healthy,” says Fernando Martinelli, the company’s CEO, about the creation of the drink.

The first external sale was made in 2015 after a friend of the group took the drink to France and presented it to a local supermarket chain. “We made a large sale for a theme marketing action focusing on Latin America,” says Martinelli.

The high costs of direct exports, however, drove the company to use instead the services of trading companies and through them the energy drink continued to be sold in the French market and also entered the Portuguese market, and now Brasil Mate is prospecting new businesses in other countries.

“A trading company told us that a client from the UAE really liked the product and we will send samples over there in the next few days,” says Martinelli. According to the executive, a United States supermarket chain is also interested in the energy drink.

Martinelli says that the product presents a high dose of caffeine thanks to a special roasting process of the yerba mate, which gives the product the energy drink label. Due to this different roasting process, the Waker Energy Drink is a product created for the high-income consumer and can be found in restaurants such as Eataly, in the city of São Paulo.

The Waker Energy Drink is sold in two versions, one with 69 and other with zero calories. Both are exported. Currently, shipments abroad account for only 2% of the company’s revenues. Brasil Mate expects revenues of BRL 400,000 (USD 117,609) in 2016.

Martinelli says that the company expects revenues to exceed BRL 1 million (USD 294,000) in 2017. It also has plans to expand its external sales. “We would like to reach 20% (of exports revenues) in the next two years,” says the business owner.

To achieve this, the company has been attending exports training programs with the Brazilian Trade and Investments Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) and plans to take part in trade missions and events in the United States, Colombia and Peru.

To enter the UAE, the brand is betting on the market’s appetite for new products. “They are very interested in new products. They are very open and interested in new releases. They also like teas and more tropical products. There is an inclination to approve a product like ours, genuinely Brazilian with guarana and yerba mate,” says Martinelli. The list of countries in which Brasil Mate is planning to enter includes also Mexico and Chile.

Currently, the company produces monthly 15,000 cans of the energy drink. The production of the drink is made by a third-party in a plant in Tietê, 143.5 km from São Paulo. In 2017, Brasil Mate is planning to launch a new natural energy drink made with açaí berry. The company has eight employees.

Contact info
Brasil Mate
Website: www.waker.com.br
Phone: +55 11 98384-8580
Email: martinelli@waker.com.br

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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