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16/02/2017 - 15:29hs

Incoming Arab ambassadors honored

The Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brazil offered a welcome dinner to diplomats from Morocco, the UAE, Tunisia and Oman. The former Arab Chamber president Marcelo Sallum was also acknowledged.

Press Release/Arab Chamber

Left to right: Adghoghi, Alulama, Alzeben, Soltani and Alhayki

São Paulo – The Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brazil held a dinner to welcome the new ambassadors of Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Oman in Brazil. The event took place Wednesday evening (15) at the Embassy of Palestine in Brasília. The former president of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Marcelo Sallum, was also acknowledged.

The diplomats complimented Sallum on his work with the Arab Chamber, which he presided over for two consecutive terms, from 2013 to 2016. He accepted a silver tray from the ambassadors. “They paid a very moving tribute to Marcelo,” said the new president Rubens Hannun, who took office this month.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the Arab Chamber and the Council of Arab Ambassadors to rekindle their ties. “The Arab Chamber welcomed the incoming ambassadors, in a reaffirmation of Chamber’s partnership with the Council,” Hannun said. Arab Chamber CEO Michel Alaby was also in attendance.

The ambassadors honored were Nabil Adghoghi of Morocco, Mohamed Hedi Soltani of Tunisia, Hafsa Alulama of the UAE, and Amad Ehmuod Salem Al Abri of Oman. The Moroccan ambassador will travel to São Paulo this week, where he will visit the Arab Chamber offices.

Ibrahim Alzeben, ambassador of Palestine and dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors, was the host for the evening. The event was also attended by Qatari ambassador Mohammed Alhayki, officials from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and diplomats from the Arab League, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Mauritania and Lebanon.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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