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06/03/2017 - 17:30hs

March begins on USD 697 million surplus

The first week of the month saw exports from Brazil reached USD 2.403 billion, with imports amounting to USD 1.705 billion.

São Paulo – Brazil ran a USD 697 million trade surplus in the first week of March, which had only three business days, with exports reaching USD 2.403 billion and imports amounting to USD 1.705 billion. The numbers were released this Monday (6) by the Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services. The surplus in February was USD 4.56 billion, the highest ever for the month.

Average daily exports increased by 10.2% over March 2016, with imports climbing 8.2%. The Ministry reported that foreign sales went up 19.9% for basic goods, 1.4% for semi-finished goods and 0.3% for finished goods.

Basic goods whose exports grew the most included iron ore, pork, beef, poultry and turkey, wheat, and manganese ore. Top-selling semi-finished goods included iron and steel, ferroalloys, leather and hides, wood chips and particles, and raw tin. And finished goods exports were driven by automobiles, fuel oils, hydrocarbons and their halogen-based products, cast iron pipes, flat-rolled iron or steel, and cargo vehicles.

Imports were driven by beverages and alcohol, iron and steel, plastic and plastic products, customer electronics, and automobiles and their parts.

Year-to-date through the first week of March, exports from Brazil reached USD 32.784 billion and imports to Brazil hit USD 24.807 billion, resulting in a USD 7.976 billion trade surplus for the country.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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