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15/03/2017 - 16:14hs

Pictures of Tunisia for São Paulo commuters

Up until May 31, the city’s Line 4 Metro stations are hosting an exhibition of photographs of the African country.

André Barros/ANBA

The photo showing features ten panels

São Paulo – A photo exhibit of key locations in Tunisia is available to thousands of commuters on Line 4 – Yellow of the São Paulo city Metro, operated by concessionaire ViaQuatro. Up until May 31, the free showing will be on show featuring some 40 snapshots of tourist spots and cultural highlights of the African country.

The exhibit was organized in partnership with the embassy of Tunisia in Brazil. It’s part of a program of the concessionaire’s with embassies and consulates to show photos of different cultures, traditions, architectures, and natures. “The goal is to encourage information sharing and ethnic diversity in a multicultural city such as São Paulo,” ViaQuatro said in a statement.

Famous landmarks such as the El Djem Amphitheater – the world’s second biggest, after the Coliseum in Rome –, the Great Mosque of Kairouan, a symbol of Muslim faith, and the islands of Djerba and Kerkennah are pictured on murals with explanatory texts.

Also featured are key cities like the capital Tunis, Tataouine, the oasis of Tozeve-Douz, the old port of Bizerte, and the doors of Tunisian households, which are attractions unto themselves in the North African country.

The exhibit also makes mention of the fact that Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet won the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for its work in the political transition post-2011 revolution, and the role of women in the nation.

Tunisian ambassador Mohamed Hedi Soltani said the pictures were chosen to publicize tourist spots and historical features of his country.

Photos of Peru, Australia and Lithuania are also lining the Metro’s Yellow Line stations. The snapshots of Tunisia will be on show at Luz station through March 30, when they’ll be transferred to Paulista station. Finally, from May 3 to 31 the exhibit will be at Faria Lima station.

Quick facts

Tunisia Photo Exhibit – Consulates’ Program
Through March 30 – Luz Station
April 3 to May 2 – Paulista Station
May 3 to 31 – Faria Lima Station
Free of charge
Find out more: www.viaquatro.com.br

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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