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16/03/2017 - 20:16hs

Non-local publishers eligible for Brazilian book grant

Entries will be open until May 2 for the final stage of a program from Brazil’s Fundação Biblioteca Nacional. Grants of up to USD 8,000 are available for translation of Brazilian books.

São Paulo – Non-Brazilian publishing houses interested in releasing books by Brazilian writers have until May 2 to register for the Support Program for Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors Abroad, offered by Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (FBN), the national library foundation, an arm of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. May 2 is the deadline for the final stage of the call for entries issued in June 2015.

The organization offered a total of BRL 300,000 in grants for translation of unreleased works and reissues, up to a maximum of USD 8,000 for each unreleased book, and USD 4,000 for reissues.

All non-Brazilian publishers looking to translate, publish and distribute books originally issued in Brazilian Portuguese, in print or in digital format, are eligible. The call for entries from FBN mentioned the genres novel, tale, poem, chronicle, children’s, teenagers, comic book, theater, reference works, literary essay, social essay, science popularization essay, and poem and tale anthologies, whole or in part.

Four registration phases were completed since the publication of the bid invitation almost two years ago. Some works were already chosen to be translated in several languages and sold in different countries.

Interested publishing companies should mail or email an introduction letter for the project, fill in the registration form and present some documents, such as the copyright transfer agreement between the publishing company and author, or his/her legal representatives. Further details can be found in the bid invitation, available in English and Portuguese here.

There’s no limit for registrations per publishing company or per authors.

The judging committee for this last stage will meet on May 17 and the list of works approved should be made public on May 22.

Quick info

Support Program for Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors Abroad
Bid invitation available at: https://www.bn.gov.br/sites/default/files/documentos/editais/2015/0612-support-program-translation-and-publication-brazilian//translation_grant_2015-2017.pdf

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum and Sérgio Kakitani

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