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17/03/2017 - 07:00hs

Brazilian tourists to not need visas for UAE

The countries signed a visa waiver agreement for tourism, business and in-transit travellers. The measure is pending approval from Brazil’s National Congress. Michel Temer welcomed Foreign Minister Nahyan.

São Paulo – Brazil and the United Arab Emirates signed this Thursday (16) in Brasília a visa waiver agreement for travellers on tourism trips, business trips, or in transit to other destinations. The move will only enter into force following approval from each of the party countries. In the case of Brazil, the deal requires approval from National Congress.

Press Release

Nahyan (L) and Nunes (R) signed the agremeent

The agreement was signed by the UAE Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and by the Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira.

They also signed on to a deal eliminating visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, official and services passports. This agreement is already effective, but it basically applies only to government officials.

Regular visa exemption pends approval due to the fact that collection of fees is involved, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said. The visas will be effective for one 90-day stay every 12 months.

Ministers Nunes and Nahyan also signed an agreement on air travel services. It replaces and improves upon a prior memorandum of understanding. The Brazilian Foreign Ministry said it will increase legal safety for airlines from both countries.

Agência Brasil reported that the ministers also discussed trade, investments, infrastructure, services, tourism, and the international scenario. The Brazilian FM told the press that the minister’s visit is a chance to strengthen the partnership and carry out long-term investment projects in strategic industries for the recovery of Brazil’s economy.

“Today we had a work meeting where we shared the vision that in spite of the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the international scenario, our countries have a vast potential to build closer cooperation and create opportunities to spur development,” Agência Brasil quoted Nunes as saying.

Beto Barata/PR

Temer (L) and Nahyan (R) convened

Nahyan said there are great expectations for enhancing bilateral relations and friendship between the countries, and that through the deals that were signed, to increase the presence of Brazilian citizens in the UAE, and of Arabs in Brazil. Agência Brasil reported that he said the partnership enables the context of violence and terror taking place in the Middle East to be discussed.

Nahyan was also welcomed by Brazilian president Michel Temer and other authorities this Thursday in Brasília. “Sheikh Al Nahyan said to be interested in investing resources from his country’s sovereign funds in Brazil,” said Temer in his Twitter account. 

With the Brazilian minister of Industry, Trade and Services Marcos Pereira, he discussed the furthering of commercial relations with Brazil. According to the Ministry’s website, both sides are considering agreements to ensure a legally safe environment for future investments in Brazilian projects.

Pereira told Nahyan about the resumption of growth in Brazil, and of the government’s efforts to ensure political, economic and institutional stability. Nahyan asserted that his country has welcomed the advances brought about by the Brazilian government, and recognized that there are many investment opportunities in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services. But Nahyan called for the reduction of barriers and paperwork requirements to streamline trade with the UAE.

Next week, the UAE minister will meet with São Paulo state governor Geraldo Alckmin and São Paulo capital mayor João Doria Junior.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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