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05/04/2017 - 18:15hs

Brazil reopened majority of meat markets

The statement was made by the minister of Agriculture, Blairo Maggi. He was referring to the countries that had imposed some type of ban on Brazilian products after operation Carne Fraca.

São Paulo – The minister of Agriculture, Blairo Maggi, said this Wednesday (5) that Brazil was able to reopen the majority of markets that had imposed bans on Brazilian meat after the launching of operation Carne Fraca by Brazilian Federal Police, which is investigating irregularities involving meat processing plants and the bribing of the ministry’s meat inspectors.

“There’s still some markets imposing bans in the Caribbean, but yesterday Jamaica also reopened and, later on, Barbados did the same,” said the minister in Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to the ministry’s statement. “Thus, successively, the bans are being lifted,” he said, who is in the neighboring country for the 33th Ordinary Meeting of the Southern Agricultural Council (CAS).

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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