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20/04/2017 - 07:00hs

Petruz Fruity exports açaí berry to the UAE

The company from Castanhal, Pará state, earned the halal certification and is looking to open new markets in the region. Currently, it’s prospecting business in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

Press Release

The fruit from the Amazon region is processed and sold in pots and as ice cream

São Paulo – From Castanhal, approximately 70 km from Pará state capital Belém, shipments of processed açaí berry in pot or as ice cream leave to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The products by Petruz Fruity arrived in the Arab country in 2014 as part of a company plan to explore new markets.

The Pará-based business began to export in 2006, sending products to the United States and Canada. Founded in 2003 after over twenty years of experience selling the fruit to local marketplaces in Belém, Petruz Fruity adopted its current name some ten years later – in the beginning it was called Açaí São Pedro.

“In 2016, exports increased 9% and accounted for 39% of our revenues,” says Martin Vildoso, Petruz’s export assistant. “This year we wish to expand shipments by 3%.”

United States, Australia, Chile, Porto Rico, Germany, Holland and England are the main destinations of Petruz’s exports, which employs, at the peak of the açaí harvest, up to 500 people.

The United Arab Emirates accounts for 2% of shipments. Sales to the region began five years after the company earned its halal certificate, which ensures that its products can be consumed by the Islamic population. “Our goal was to supply products worldwide,” says Vildoso.

In the UAE, açaí – which is also certified organic – is bought by distributors and franchises. “We have ongoing negotiations with other countries in the region. We are prospecting for deals in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait,” says Vildoso.

Currently, Petruz Açaí has four plants: two in Castanhal (PA), one in Fortaleza (CE) and another in Macapá (AP). Last year, company’s revenues reached BRL 52 million (USD 16.58 million), according to Vildoso. In addition to the Petruz brand, the company sells products with the labels Açaí São Pedro, Polpas São Pedro, Belaiaçá, Tropnat, Polyfrutti and Açay.

Contact info
Petruz Fruity
Martin Vildoso +55 (91) 3721-5562
Email: export@petruz.com
Website: www.petruz.com

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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