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08/05/2017 - 07:00hs

Company looks to export arak made of cachaça

The Paraty, Brazil-based spirits manufacturer Alambique Engenho D’Ouro put a different spin on the traditional Middle East drink. It plans to take its cachaça, fennel and anise-based ‘Arac’ to the Arab countries.

Press Release

Drinkers are advised to mix in cold water or ice

São Paulo – A traditional Middle East beverage, arak, normally made from grape spirit and aniseed, is now available in a Brazilian version. Spirits manufacturer Engenho D’Ouro, in Paraty, a coastal town in Rio de Janeiro state, has released Arac, made of cachaça, fennel and anise. Now, the company hopes to sell to other parts of Brazil and to other countries.

“Habitual arak drinkers have thoroughly enjoyed our product,” says Engenho D’Ouro manager Adriano César Carvalho da Silva. He explains that the new drink was tested for some time before it was put on sale.

“Here in Paraty we get lots of foreign tourists. People come in from Lebanon and Turkey, and then you have Brazilians of Arab descent who are used to drinking arak,” he says.

Regular arak is usually mixed with water or ice. The same is recommended with the Brazilian version. “We advise to mix it 50-50 with very cold water or ice,” Silva explains.

So far, Engenho D’Ouro’s Arac is sold only from the company’s own store, but there are plans to go farther. “We want to look into the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro markets, as well as the international market,” says Silva. “We were contacted by an exporter who intends to partner up in order to sell Arac in other countries, including Arab ones,” the executive said.

Silva explains that the aniseed and fennel are kept in an infusion for 60 days and then the beverage is distilled three times. Currently, the company puts out 1,000 liters of Arac each year. The drink sells for BRL 68 in 375 ml bottles.

Established in 1999, Engenho D’Ouro makes 15,000 liters of finely crafted cachaça per year. It offers six major cachaça varieties and has won contests in Brazil and Belgium.

Quick facts
Alambique Engenho D’Ouro
Website: www.engenhodouro.com.br
Phone: +55 24 99832-7339
Email: atendimento@engenhodouro.com.br

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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