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17/04/2017 - 17:02hs

Brazil posts USD 1.8 billion trade surplus

In the second week of April, exports reached USD 4.075 billion and imports amounted to USD 2.246 billion, the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services reported this Monday.

São Paulo – Brazil saw another trade surplus in the second week of April at USD 1.829 billion, the result of USD 4.075 billion in exports and USD 2.246 billion in imports. The information was released by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services this Monday (17).

The Ministry reported that exports averaged USD 1.019 billion a day last week – which had four business days due to Good Friday –, up 8.8% from the first week of the month. Basic goods exports climbed 21% on the back of crude oil, copper ore, soy bran, coffee and iron ore. Semi-finished goods exports were up 0.9%, driven by wood pulp, soy oil, semi-finished iron and steel products, raw cast iron, spiegel iron, and timber.

Conversely, finished goods exports were down 4.8% due to weaker sales of hydrocarbons and their halogen-based products, cargo vehicles, orange juice, taps, valves and their parts, and flexible iron and steel pipes.

Imports were down 9.2% in the second week of April from the first one. Average daily imports reached USD 561.4 million with weaker purchases of autos and auto parts, customer electronics, cereals, milling industry products, organic and inorganic chemicals and fuels and lubricants.


Average daily exports in the first two weeks of April from the comparable year-ago period were up 26.6% according to the Ministry. Foreign sales increased across all product categories, at 32.5% for semi-finished goods, 25.7% for finished goods and 25.6% for basic goods.

Average daily imports climbed by 12.9% with increased spending on synthetic filaments and yarns, fuels and lubricants, rubber and rubber products, customer electronics, and plastic and plastic products.

Brazil ran a USD 3.422 billion trade surplus in the first two weeks of April combined. Year-to-date, the surplus stands at USD 17.840 billion.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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