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28/04/2017 - 11:54hs

South Brazil business owners to seek deals in Morocco

During a visit of the Council of Arab Ambassadors to Porto Alegre, Moroccan ambassador Nabil Adghoghi disclosed plans for a trip next May. Diplomats met with business owners at trade federation Fecomércio.

Porto Alegre – A group of business owners from Porto Alegre will travel to Morocco next May to seek out partnerships and deals. The information was conveyed by the Moroccan ambassador Nabil Adghoghi during a meeting of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brazil with the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Ivo Sartori, Thursday (27) in Porto Alegre. “We are preparing a mission of business owners from Rio Grande do Sul who will attend a transportation and logistics exhibition in Casablanca,” the diplomat said.

Alexandre Rocha/ANBA

Ambassadors and business owners convened over dinner

The exhibition is Logismed 2017, which is slated for May 17 to 19 in the Moroccan city. The group is being organized by João Mateus Nunes dos Santos, founder and CEO of M31 Participações. After a dinner offered to the ambassadors by the Federation of Trade of Rio Grande do Sul (Fecomércio), dos Santos explained that one of the companies he represents specializes in road transportation of wind power equipment, large-sized cargo.

He’s looking to partner with a local business in order to set foot in Morocco. The plan is to relay his own company’s transportation know-how. “By 2030 Morocco will rely on 50% renewable energies,” Santos told ANBA. “And the next wind power boom will be in Morocco,” he added. What prevails in the country right now is solar power.

The Moroccan ambassador said his country wishes to enter into partnerships with Brazil in industries it deems as priorities, such as agriculture and fishing, including fertilizers and farming research; renewable energies; and transportation/logistics. “This is why I’ve persuaded Brazilian businesses to be at the fair,” he said to ANBA.

Besides canvassing for deals in Morocco, dos Santos is looking for assistance from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in finding solar panel makers in the Middle East and North Africa. “I intend to bring one such company to Brazil so we will not be as dependent on the Chinese and the Canadians,” he said.

In Morocco, he also plans to seek deals in entertainment, which he is also active in, as well as bring entrepreneurs from other industries to see the market, such as logistics and footwear. According to Santos, the group should be nine-strong.


During the dinner offered by Fecomércio, which happened after meetings with Sartori and with Porto Alegre acting mayor Gustavo Paim, the 13 Arab diplomats were welcomed by Fecomércio’s Foreign Trade Board coordinator Arno Gleisner and vice president Ibrahim Mahmud.

Alexandre Rocha/ANBA

Alaby presented an overview of the Arab world

Mahmud greeted the ambassadors in Arabic. A Palestinian from the city of Yasour, which went empty during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, he said that he has been in Brazil for 52 years. Rio Grande do Sul is home to a numerous community of Palestinian origin.

Over dinner, local executives in different sectors discussed their activities, and two local businesses that are very active in the Arab world, Marcopolo and Tramontina, delivered presentations. “We are here because we are interested in Rio Grande do Sul,” said Council dean and Palestine ambassador Ibrahim Alzeben.

Arab Brazilian Chamber International Relations vice president Osmar Chohfi discussed the organization’s work, and CEO Michel Alaby gave an overview of the Arab world.

Also on the trip were the ambassadors of Iraq, Arshad Esmaeel, of Egypt, Alaaeldin Roushdy, of Libya, Khaled Dahan, of Kuwait, Ayadah Alsaidi, of Qatar, Mohammed Al Hayki, of Jordan, Malek Twal, of Algeria, Toufik Dahmani, of Sudan, Ahmed Elsiddig, of Mauritania, Wagen Abdoulaye, of Oman, Amad Al Abri, of the Arab League, Nacer Alem, the chargé d’affaires to the embassy of Saudi Arabia, Soliman Al Aqeel, and the head of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Division at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Leandro Mol.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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