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16/05/2017 - 07:00hs

Kuwait authorizes livestock imports from Brazil

The announcement was made during the visit to the Arab country of Brazil’s minister of Agriculture, Blairo Maggi. The reopening of Kuwait’s market to Brazilian beef is also expected.

Kuwait City – Kuwait decided to open its market to Brazilian livestock exports, the Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) has published this Monday (15). According to the agency, the decision was confirmed by deputy general diretor of Animal Health of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, Zahra Al-Wazan, who met the Brazilian government’s delegation, headed by minister of Agriculture Blairo Maggi, in Kuwait City on Sunday (14). In the meeting, Kuwaiti authorities expressed their interest in importing livestock, fertile eggs and one-day chicken from Brazil.

Alexandre Rocha/ANBA

Maggi (C) talked about the trip?s goals to local journalists

The announcement was made after a meeting between Maggi, Mohammad Al-Jabri, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and chairman of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, and Khaled Nasser Abdullah Al Roudan, Kuwait’s minister of Commerce and Industry, on Monday late afternoon.

KUNA points out that Brazilian and Kuwaiti authorities agreed on the sanitary and technical specifications for the animals to arrive safely to the Arab nation’s market. According to the livestock imports manager at the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, Abdulrahman Kandari, the demand for livestock in Kuwait ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 head per year. The country’s imports of sheep is higher, reaching near 1 million head per year, coming solely from Australia.

Kuwait’s also planning to send a technical mission to Brazil to visit farms and labs with the goal to reopen the market to Brazilian beef. Imports were suspended due to an atypical case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a.k.a. mad cow disease, in Paraná state at the end of 2012. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) rates Brazil as a country with “negligible” risk for the disease. “It was an atypical case in a 212 million head herd, so the country maintened its status,” said the secretary of Agribusiness International Relations, Odilson Luiz Ribeiro e Silva.

“The conditions for the clearance of exports of chilled and frozen beef to Kuwait were established,” said the minister after a press conference to Kuwait journalists at the home of the Brazilian ambassador in the country, Norton Rapesta, this Monday. “But livestock Brazil never exported [to Kuwait],” he said. KUNA highlighted the importance of the guarantees presented by the minister of Agriculture and the measures taken by Brazil in the sector for the progress of negotiations.

Other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, resumed purchases of beef from Brazil more than a year ago. In the case of livestock, Brazil exports to the Arab countries of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

To Kuwait journalists, Maggi said: “I bring the message of the Brazilian government that we want more trade and business between the two countries.” Last year, the trade between the two nations reached USD 485 million, with Brazil registering a déficit of USD 90 million, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC). “There’s a lot of room to grow,” said the minister of Agriculture. Poultry is by far the main product exported by Brazil to the Arab country.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s mission to the Gulf carries on this Tuesday (16) in Saudi Arabia. The minister is travelling with entrepreneurs from the agribusiness industry and executives from the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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