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19/05/2017 - 07:00hs

São Paulo will hold talk on refugees

Bookstore Livraria da Vila is organizing, for next Tuesday (23), a meeting on the current situation of people living as refugees in Brazil.

São Paulo – Filmmakers, writers and other intelectuals will take part in a conversation on refugees next Tuesday (23) at bookstore Livraria da Vila in the city of São Paulo. The aim is to understand better the current situation of the people living as refugees in Brazil. The meeting starts at 7 pm and ends at 9 pm, free of charge.

According to information made available by the bookstore, the talks will try to discuss the issue in cinema and literature as well, so that the rupture between reality and fiction can help demystify the issue. Journalist Regina Volpato will be the moderator.

Speakers will include the writer Julián Fuks, who is starting a book on the issue, “Ocupação” (Occupation), which will discuss the day-to-day of Syrian, Mozambican and Latin American refugees. In another one of his books, “A resistência” (The Resistance), he covered the issue in terms of exile and the controversies it creates.

Also set to take part in the debate is Luis Felipe Abbud, who co-created the set designs for feature film “Era o Hotel Cambridge,” which focuses on refugees. He collaborated in a book on the subject and is also the founder of Numena, a multi-disciplinary creation studio.

Laura Pappalardo, who also did set designs for “Era o Hotel Cambridge,” will also take part in the debate, as well as the chairman of the Refugee Reintegration Institute (Adus), Marcelo Haydu.

The debate is entitled “Deconstruct to Construct – Refugees” and will be held at the Vila Madalena branch of Livraria da Vila, at Fradique Coutinho street, 915. The talk is part of a series of meetings focusing on different themes scheduled for the second-to-last Tuesdays every month.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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