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20/06/2017 - 18:54hs

Brazil provided asylum to 326 Syrians in 2016

Citizens from the Arab country were the group with the higher number of asylums granted. Overall, Brazil welcomed 12% more refugees last year in comparison to 2015.

São Paulo – Regarding the number of refugees, the Syrians formed the largest group to enter Brazil last year, according to data from the National Committee for Refugees (CONARE), the agency from the Ministry of Justice. The report with the data was turned public this Tuesday (20), the World Refugee Day.

Brazil welcomed 326 Syrian refugees last year. They accounted for 35% of asylums granted by the country. Applications from the Arab nation totaled 391. Among the total applications received, Syrians accounted for only 4%, despite receiving over a third of the total of asylums granted.

In general, there was an increase of 12% in the total number of refugees granted asylum in Brazil in 2016. The country granted asylum to 9,552 people from 82 nationalities. The largest part were given by traditional ways of eligibility to asylum, with 713 coming from resettlement and 317 under an extension of the refugee status of a family member.

After Syrian, the citizens with the most number of asylum received in Brazil in 2016 were from the Congo Democratic Republic with 189 concessions, followed by 98 citizens from Pakistan, 57 from Palestine and 26 from Angola.

The Brazilian government also conceded asylum to citizens from the Republic of Guinea (19), Iraq (18), Afeghanistan (17), Cameroon (17), Nigeria (16), Colombia (14), Ghana (14), Togo (12) and Lebanon (10), among other countries.

The highest number of asylum applications came from Venezuela, a South America country facing a economic, social and political crisis. In all, Brazil received 3,375 requests for asylum from the neighboring country. The second highest number came from Cuba, with 1,370, with Angola, with 1,353, coming in third.

After the first three, the highest number of requests came, in descending order, from Haiti, Syria, Congo Democratic Republic, Nigeria, China, Pakistan, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Bangladesh, Ghana, Lebanon and Dominican Republic. Citizens from other countries also placed requests, but in lower numbers.

Despite the increase in the number of asylum statuses granted, the number of requests dropped 64% last year over 2015. According to the data, this was mainly due to the decrease in requests from Haiti.

CONARE and the Ministry of Justice mentioned that the new Migration Law was passed in Brazil in May and will come into effect in November, guaranteeing to the migrants the same conditions of the locals, inviolability of the right to life, freedom, equality, safety and property, among other measures.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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