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22/06/2017 - 07:00hs

Francal to feature Arab importers

At least 14 buyers from Arab countries confirmed that they’ll be in the footwear industry show opening early July in São Paulo. The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce is a partner.

São Paulo – The 49th International Shoes and Accessories Fashion Fair (Francal) next month in São Paulo will feature Arab executives. At least 14 buyers from the Arab world have confirmed their presence. Other Arabs are also sure to show up at the fairgrounds spontaneously, as usual.

Press Release

Francal 2016: trade show features footwear for the summer

The 14 Arab buyers were invited by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – which partnered up with Francal to bring them in – and by the event’s organizers. Two are from Saudi Arabia, six are from the UAE, three are from Lebanon, two are from Kuwait and one is from Libya.

The Arab Brazilian Chamber will have its own area, within a space called Apoio ao Exportador (Support to Exporters), where a team will help Arab importers find Brazilian exporters to meet their needs. In an interview with ANBA, Francal’s president Abdala Jamil Abdala notes that this is the second year that the Chamber partners up with the event to bring the importers in.

“The Arab market is interested in buying footwear from Brazil,” Abdala told ANBA, in a reference to the fact that Arabs are importing more and more Brazilian shoes, and the trade shows that feature Brazilian industry players that look to sell to the Arab world.

According to Abdala, Arab consumers favor the same fashion trends as Brazilians, and they enjoy comfort and design when it comes to shoes. “Our design appeals to them, the quality pleases them. They have the same penchant for comfort as Brazilians, plus their numbering and shape is similar,” says Abdala.

Besides, the Francal president notes that the expo features Spring/Summer collections. Due to their high temperatures, Arabs are major buyers of this airy type of shoe. “It has a lot to do with Arabs,” Abdala explains about Francal, noting that men’s sandals are very popular with Arabs.

The Arab Chamber’s business advisor, João Bianchini, says that the importers that will come are divided between those that already purchase from Brazil and those that don’t, but are interested to do so. According to Bianchini, Brazilian footwear are known in the Arab countries and the region’s market holds potential for buying footwear produced in Brazil due to the product’s quality and design.

Francal confirmed the presence of importers from 17 countries that will take part in this edition of the fair, according to Abdala. And this number doesn’t include those that are coming without official invitation. In the 2016’s edition, a total of 1,200 foreign buyers came to the trade show and its president is expecting to achieve the same number or even more. “They are interested in coming,” says Abdala, recalling that Brazil produces footwear with quality, design and a competitive price in comparison to Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Brazilian footwear exports increased 20% from January to May of this year in revenues, according to data from the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association (Abicalçados). Foreign sales generated USD 441 million. The volume reached 49.1 million pairs, up 1.1% over the first five months of 2016. “The average price rose due to quality and design,” says Abdala.

Francal’s president points out that the revenues from exports by the sector has already reached once USD 2 billion, but that due to the country’s exchange rate policy in the last few years they declined. “But despite this crazy exchange rate policy, we exported USD 1 billion last year,” he says. According to him, due to the current domestic economy, the need to export is undisputed. “Not only to generate revenues in dollars, but also to generate production in the companies and create jobs to the population,” concludes Abdala.

Francal starts on a Sunday, July 2, and runs until a Wednesday, July 5. It takes place at Expo Center Norte and is organized by the namesake company, Francal Feiras. The trade show focuses on the sector’s professionals.

Quick facts

49th International Shoe and Accessories Fashion Fair (Francal)
From July 2 to 5, 2017
Expo Center Norte
Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme - São Paulo
Information: http://www.francal.com.br/2017/

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum & Sérgio Kakitani

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