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07/07/2017 - 17:15hs

UAE is the focus of textile exports

Brazilian program that promotes the textile and fashion industry abroad has set their target markets for the next two years. The Arab country is one of them.

Press Release

Lilian Kaddissi: exports to UAE increased

São Paulo – The United Arab Emirates are among the target markets for the next two years for Texbrasil, the internationalization program created by the textile and fashion Brazilian industry. The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (ABIT) signed last month a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) for both to carry on with the program for more two years. It’s the tenth renewal.

The project helps companies from the whole textile chain to become more competitive in the global market and promotes actions to boost exports. From June 2017 to June 2019, the priority markets selected for the program’s companies are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Peru and Portugal. The markets selected as secondary are Germany, UAE, France, Japan, Paraguay and United Kingdom.

The Texbrasil program’s executive manager, Lilian Kaddissi, explains that priority countries are those in which there are a need for a more strategic action by the program, such as market opening and the defense by the sector against tariff or technical barriers. The secondary markets are those that work as a gateway to a bigger market or in which there’s a specific interest niche to the sector.

“We decided to keep the UAE as a gateway to the Gulf countries and Lebanon,” said Kaddissi. These markets will still be monitored and invitied to buyer and image projects by Texbrasil. The buyer projects are those in which importers travel to Brazil for business matchmaking with Brazilian companies, and the image projects invite foreign journalists to get to know up close the textile and apparel local production.

The Brazilian companies will also keep working on markets deemed secondary, like the UAE, by going to trade shows in places like Europe and the United States. Arab importers are often present at these. Up until last year, Texbrasil made no distinction between priority and secondary markets, and the UAE were a target market on the overall list.

The agreement entered into by Abit and Apex-Brasil provides for BRL 33.5 million in investment in two years. The funds will come from Apex-Brasil and from industry players. Texbrasil’s initiatives involve training and development, information, deal-making, image-building and customization.

Training and development actions include product and brand adaptations and guidance on the operational aspects of exports. Information actions entail market studies, which are made available to all those involved in the program, and purpose-made studies.

When it comes to encouraging deal-making, the program involves participation in trade shows in other countries, ‘buyer projects’ and support to business in joining showrooms.

Texbrasil activities also include press trips and customization, meaning companies can request support from the program for specific export-oriented efforts.

From January to May, Texbrasil textile and clothing companies’ exports were level with the comparable period in 2016, to roughly 180 million. Exports to the UAE were up 21.7% to USD 743,300, Abit said.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani & Gabriel Pomerancblum

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