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19/07/2017 - 16:34hs

Brazilian training app is used in Arab countries

Marathonist and professor Rogério Sthanke created an online personal training service that’s accessed from several countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He will run a marathon in the Sahara next November.

São Paulo – The São Paulo-born marathon runner and personal trainer Rogério Sthanke coaches clients in Brazil, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Chile and elsewhere, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. He does his work online, via an application, and the bulk of users are Brazilian expatriates.

Press Release

Sthanke: a sports entrepreneur

The holder of a degree in Physical Education, Rogério Sthanke combined his education and entrepreneurship to put together the Sthanke Trainer project, in São Paulo, to render an array of physical conditioning services. About four years ago he also created Assessoria Online Sthanke Trainer, an app-based personal training service. Then, a month ago, Sthanke launched another app, ST Pro, featuring training plans.

The first app is used abroad mostly in the countries mentioned above, and the latter has been downloaded 13,000 times in 27 different countries. Both apps feature instructions in Portuguese, therefore Sthanker believes they are used mostly by Brazilians. But his plans include launching a second version of ST Pro, in three months’ time, including an English version.

Assessoria Online Sthanke Trainer is tailored to each client, as personal trainers are wont to do. The client registers and uploads photos for a physical evaluation. Sthanke and his team create a plan to meet the client’s needs and then keep track of the user’s performance. The package also includes diet tips. A three-month plan goes for BRL 900 (USD 282 at the current exchange rate).

Sthanker explains that users are mostly Brazilians who move abroad to work and who already do some type of training, but there are some non-Brazilian users as well. “Personal training services are a little bit different in countries other than Brazil,” he claims. That is why those used to the Brazilian style seek the online service. “These are people who train at home or who want running plans,” he says.

Press Release

ST Pro features over 400 exercises

Designed as a more affordable option, the ST Pro app offers off-the-shelf-type plans. It can be downloaded free of charge and includes additional free services such as two different plans and preparation for marathons. Overall, it features 400-plus exercises in several sports, with new additions every week. Categories include medicine ball training, plans for wheelchair users, leg plans for women, pectorals and biceps, etc. The cost is USD 2.99 a month.

Sthanker says he was a pioneer in app-based personal training services and that with this new app he wants to set up the largest physical training database in Brazil. He plans to offer, within the ST Pro, activities for all types of sports. He says that, currently, the app is widely used by Physical Education professionals, some of them just recently graduated.

Sthanke is also a marathonist and will run the Sahara Marathon in November, in Morocco. It has a course of 42 km in the desert. He has as a personal goal to run the world’s ten most difficult marathons. He already ran in Patagonia, in the Atacama Desert, in China, and now will run in Sahara. In 2018, he wants to run in Kenya. Sthanke says he doesn’t run to win, but aims to complete the race in a good position. In the China run, he competed with 800 athletes and was placed at 170th.

Rogério Sthanke graduated from the Mogi das Cruzes University. He simultaneously took up internship jobs and worked with recreation and later taught in gyms. But he thought he would achieve financial prosperity doing so and decided to be a personal trainer. Five years ago, he partnered up with the professor and physical therapist Rafael Guiselini, using the same place for their projects.

Sthanker Trainer offers many types of services, such as sports advisory services for the development of gyms, personal trainer classes, corporate plans and labor gymnastics, a weight loss program adopted by celebrity Mirella Santos and developed by Sthanker, running training plan, plus online advisory services and the new app. The work is done by a multi-disciplinary staff, with nutritionists among them.   

Contact info:

Sthanke Trainer
Website: www.sthanketrainer.com.br
Email: assessoria@sthanketrainer.com.br

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum and Sérgio Kakitani

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