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21/07/2017 - 07:00hs

Arab destinations the focus for Rio tourism agency

Founded by a businesswoman of Syrian parents, Arab Tour is specialized in exotic trips to the Middle East. Tunisia, UAE and Oman are among the preferred Arab countries by Brazilian tourists, says the entrepreneur.

São Paulo – The travel agency Arab Tour, in Rio de Janeiro, was founded with the purpose of offering tour packages to the Arab countries and, after nine years, they account for 90% of the agency’s businesses. Founded and run by an entrepreneur of Syrian descent, Mônica Brahim Sprung, the company specialized in exotic destinations and in the Middle East. It also offers packages to foreign tourists visiting Brazil, among the many Arabs.

Ministry of Tourism of Oman

Oman is an exotic destination for Brazilian tourists

Arab Tour offers from individual trips, with closed or customized packages, to group options, corporate or not. For all these profiles, there are tours in Brazil and throughout the world, with all types of destinations, from Rio de Janeiro to Foz do Iguaçu, from Europe to Japan. In the Arab world, via the travel agency, it’s possible to visit Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar and Oman.

Mônica says that Brazilians are very fond of Tunisia. “There’s a fantastic camp site (in the desert), people feel like they are living like the Bedouin people,” says the entrepreneur about one of the options offered to tourists in the African country. She says that the UAE is also hyped. “People want to understand how, in the middle of the desert, that beautiful city came up,” she says. Oman also attracts many Brazilians, for its exoticism, decoration, hotels and local culture.

The executive says that the agency serves all types of clients, from people that take their saving for their dream trip to the high-end type. In the latter group, there are people who request a private tourist guide, with all kinds of VIP services. Packages like that to an Arab country can offer customized gifts, such as a box of dates in the hotel room or a gold-plated necklace with a name written in Arabic in it.

In Brazil, also, Arab Tour offers tourist services to Arabs, among them people from the high-end group. Mônica says that she welcomes many Russians, Arabs and North Americans in Brazil. During the Summer Olympic Games, the agency welcomed and serviced the staff team of TV station Al-Jazeera, from Qatar. Among the services offered by the agency is cars for the transportation of foreign people, on leisure or business. The car can be an armored one with a bilingual driver.

“It's priceless the formation, culture, experiences I have with me,” says Mônica, on her experience in the Arab world and what does this do for Arab Tour. In addition to have lived most of her early and teenage years in Syria, the businesswoman also lives in England, Portugal and Morocco. She knows 63 countries and speaks Portuguese, English, Arabic, French and a little Russian.


Mônica Brahim founded Arab Tour in 2009 after having working at CVC, one of the largest companies of the industry in Brazil, and after taking many courses, such as tourism guide, hotel management and international guide. She also had experience working in her family’s hotel in Dreikiche, Syria.

Press Release

Mônica Brahim: experience in the Arab world

The businesswoman is the daughter of a Syrian immigrant. Mônica’s father, Ismail Ali Brahim, came to Rio de Janeiro still a teenager and soon was interested in retail. After marrying also a Syrian immigrant and have four children, among them Mônica, the Syrian thought it would be good for the kids to go study in Syria.

So, in 1975, then 10 years old, the executive lived in Syria, in a village near Tartus, where she learned the local language and culture. She returned only in 1987 and her later years in Syria were spent, with her brothers, in the hotel that the family opened in Dreikiche. It’s currently closed, waiting for the war to end to be renewed and reopened.

Mônica says that Dreikiche is a water resort and used to attract many tourists. “That’s where my passion for tourism comes from,” says the businesswoman about the time spent in the hotel. Back in Brazil, Mônica worked for some time in the family’s stores, where she learned a lot on how to treat clients, and later decided to invest in a career in tourism. “I have a strong cultural connection with the Arab world and the family ties, the Arab world’s in my professional life since I learned a lot with my parents about the poise in the commercial area,” she says. Married with a lawyer, she currently run Arab Tour. 

Contact info:
Arab Tour
Website: www.arabtour.com.br
Phone: +55 (21) 22388102
Email: contato@arabtour.com.br ou contato.arabtour@gmail.com

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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