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25/07/2017 - 07:00hs

Egyptian presents language course in Brazil

Maged ElGebaly, coordinator of the Portuguese Department of Aswan University, will present a course on literature of the Arab immigration in Brazil in August. The class is part of the International Congress of Language.

São Paulo – Egyptian professor Maged ElGebaly will present a mini-course on literature of the Arab immigration in Brazil within a conference in Maranhão in August. Under the theme “Conceptual issues on literatures of Arab Immigration in Brazil”, the classes are part of the International Congress of Language (I Conil), scheduled to August 23 to 25 at the campus of the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) in the city of Bacabal.

Press Release

Maged ElGebaly has a doctorate degree at USP

In the mini-course, ElGebaly will talk about the literature of the Arab immigration in Brazil. It will include works from writers such as as Carlos Drummond dee Andrade, Jorge Amado, Ana Miranda, Raduan Nassar, Milton Hatoum, Miguel Selim and Jorge Tufic. Some of the writers are of Arab origins and other created characters and elements of the Arab culture in their work.

Also among the themes covered in the course will the Andalusia League, a literature movement that was created in the city of São Paulo during the 1930s to 1950s to encourage the revival of Arab literature. The mini-course is scheduled for August 23 and 24, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The Egyptian professor was invited to the event by doctor professor Cristiane Navarrete Tolomei, who is part of Conil’s organizing committee. ElGebaly is the coordinator of the Portuguese Department at the Language College of Aswan University, Egypt.

He has a doctor’s degree in Comparative Studies on Literatures on Portuguese language literature at University of São Paulo (USP) and another doctor’s degree at Ain Shams University, in addition to a master’s degree in Linguistics by the Caro y Cuervo Institute, Colombia, and a major in Spanish and Arabic at Ain Shams University, Egypt.

After his doctor’s degree at USP, in 2012, ElGebaly returned to Egypt and presented a proposal to open a bachelor’s degree course in Portuguese, which he achieved at Aswan University. The course is the only one in the area in the country.

The Egyptian tells that his works is on behalf of the knowledge in the Portuguese language literature and the cultural exchange with Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. “I visit Brazil every year to keep me updated on the cultural, linguistic, literary and academic productions in Portuguese and its literatures,” said ElGebaly to ANBA. The Aswan University hosts Brazilian to teach Portuguese and its literatures.

Within the programme of the UFMA’s conference, ElGebaly will also give another class. On the 24th, at 8 am, he will give the lecture “Women as a scenario of social critique: Luísa from O Primo Basílio and Rita from A Cartomante”. He says that it’s an analysis on the representation of women and their situation in a social change scenario based on the two books aforementioned, from Eça de Queirós and Machado de Assis, respectively.

Press Release

Egyptian frequently gives lectures in Brazil

In Maranhão still, he will coordinate the symposium “Portuguese language literature in the world scene”, on August 25, at 1:30 pm. The topic is the presence of Portuguese language literature in the countries in which Portuguese is not the official language. “We invited researchers to present their work on these mobilities and alterities in the literary reception or cultural translation of Portuguese literatures in the world scene.”

The conference in which ElGebaly will present his mini-course has the theme “Portuguese Language and its literatures in the world” and aims to analyze the Portuguese language in the world. Some of the issues to be discussed are linguistic studies, Portuguese classes, text genres, technology and teacher training, African Portuguese language literature, multiculturalism and education, sign language, among others.

The audience will be mainly of students from UFMA and people from nearby regions to Bacabal and São Luís, capital of Maranhão. The activities carry a fee.

Quick info:

International Congress of Language (I Conil)
August 23, 24 and 25, 2017
Bacabal Campus of Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA)
Information: http://iconil.com.br/

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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