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01/08/2017 - 07:00hs

Arabs can apply for postgrad scholarships in Brazil

Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Syria are among the countries with which Brazil has cooperation agreements and from which citizens can apply for master’s and doctorate degrees in Brazil. Registration deadline is August 18.

São Paulo – Citizens of Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Syria can apply for scholarships for master’s or doctorate degrees in Brazil. The National Scientific and Technological Development Council (CNPq), a body from the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication, has an open call for registrations until August 18.

The program will make available 40 master’s degree scholarships and 60 doctorate degrees scholarships to foreigners from countries with which Brazil has signed educational, cultural or sciences and technology cooperation agreements. In all, there are 32 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania, a group that includes the five Arab nations aforementioned, and 25 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Those selected for a master’s degree will be granted a BRL 1,500 (USD 483) monthly allowance for a maximum period of 24 months, and those selected for a doctorate degree will be granted a monthly allowance of BRL 2,200 (USD 710) for a maximum period of 48 months. The doctorate students will also be granted BRL 294 (USD 127.14) as a research grant, which aims to help in maintenance and improvement of research activities.

The disclosure of the preliminary results is set for November 30, with the final release, after the term for the administrative appeals, scheduled for November 19. The open call was made on July 5.

To register, among other requirements, students need proof of proficiency in Portuguese and an acceptance letter from a public or private Brazilian university, in a post-graduate stricto sensu course recommended or registered by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES). The chosen post-graduate program needs to hold a grade above three (3) at CAPES.

The students who finish the course can apply for an airline ticket to their home country with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This should be made via the university in which they studied 60 days before the return trip.

To choose the scholarship students, CNPq will take into account the scientific quality of the proposed project, the relevancy of the studies for the development in the specific sector in the student’s home country, the possibility of application of the knowledge acquired, plus the academic performance of the student.

Scholarships via the TWAS

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for the Development of Science in Developing Countries has also launched a call for entries alongside CNPq to distribute scholarships to citizens of developing countries interested in taking doctorate or post-doctorate courses in Brazil. Proposals should be sent until August 11.

In this case, projects must be in the following sectors: Agrarian Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical School and Health Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and Probability and Statistics, Computing Sciences, Physics, Astronomy and Geoscience, and Oceanography. There will be 20 scholarships for doctorate degrees and ten for post-graduate degrees.

For the doctorate degree a master’s degree is required and for the post-doctorate degree the students need a doctorate degree, plus a steady job related to the research sector in their home country. They also need to be fluent in either Portuguese, Spanish or English. The post-graduate course has to have a five (5) or above grade at CAPES.

The scholarship recipients will receive a visa allowance ranging from USD 200 to USD 250, allowance to travel from their home country or place of residence (the amount varies depending on the region), a research allowance of BRL 394 (USD 127) and a monthly allowance of BRL 2,200 (USD 710) and research allowance of BRL 400 (USD 120) for doctorate students and a monthly allowance of BRL 4,100 (USD 1,320) for post-doctorate students. The disclosure of the preliminary results is set for November 7, with final results scheduled for November 30.

Quick info
CNPq’s open call for master’s and doctorate scholarships
For citizens of 57 developing countries
Registrations: Until August 18, 2017
Information: atendimento@cnpq.br or +55 (61) 3211 4000
Public notice: http://bit.ly/2tiI9a8

TWAS and CNPq’s open call for doctorate and post-doctorate scholarships
For citizens of developing countries
Registrations: Until August 11, 2017
Information: twas.ascin@cnpq.br or fellowships@twas.org
Public notice: http://bit.ly/2un8jxy

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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