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03/08/2017 - 07:00hs

Brazilian creates spa brand in the Gulf

The entrepreneur Dianna Ruas, from Minas Gerais, was invited by group Citadel Properties, from Sharjah, to develop a project of tropical forest-themed spas. Five units will be open in Dubai.

Press Release

Dianna created the brand Coya Spa

São Paulo – In October, in the United Arab Emirates, the first spa created by Brazilian born in Minas Gerais Dianna Ruas will be opened. She was invited by the group Citadel Properties, from Sharjah, to develop the brand Coya Spa, which will, initially, open five units in Dubai. The venture’s theme will be the tropical forest, and it will mix the traditions of Arab, South American and Asian therapies with high technology from Europe.

Each Citadel Properties spa will have a different profile. The first to open will be a day spa in Mirdiff, Dubai downtown, and will focus on the local community. The place is reminiscent of a forest, with a green wall, bird sounds-filled music, items made with sucupira wood, from the Amazon, and décor with Brazil’s semi-precious stones.

“An oasis of wellness,” says Dianna, about the spa set to open in Ocotber. She explains that it will be a sustainable, organic detox-oriented spa. Its detoxing concept starts with leaving digital gadgets aside, and continues with a sauna built inside a modern machine that rids the body of heavy metals. The spa will offer services such as Turkish, Moroccan, Greek and Japanese baths, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, shamanic therapy, immersion in a salt room with steam, massage with oils from Amazon, etc.

Press Release

Day spa: sucupira wood and pink crystal

The spa’s main therapies will be massages created by Dianna. The Deep Tissue Ruas Massage done with a selection of essential oils, fresh ginger, passion fruit, copaiba, andiroba, buriti and coconut oil, plus the precious stones. The goal is to increase mobility, circulation, work on the vertebral spine and acupuncture points.

There’s also the Barefoot Deep Tissue Ruas Massage, done with herbs oil to stimulate the vital points from head to toe. The technique includes a mask of Amazon herbs in the body and the use of essential oils on the scalp, plus a therapy with precious stones followed by a warm bath. The goal is to re-balance the body, mind and spirit via the natural recovery coming from the tropical forest.

Dianna explains that besides the wellness side, the spa will also have a beauty area with podiatry or traditional manicure, makeup, hair treatment with oils from Brazil, and a full array of manicure services. The spa wil also feature an eco-boutique, which will sell Amazon essential oils, handicraft and semi-precious stones done by Amazon Indians and by the Pataxó tribe from the Brazilian region of Trancoso, Bahia.

The spa was namede Coya after an Incan queen. “The Amazon was her garden, she was on a pedestal looking down on the Amazon,” says Dianna, about the location of the former Incan empire, up in the mountains, surrounded by the forests.

The other spas should open inside resorts and hotels. Besides the day spa, they will have other profiles, such as medicinal spa and destination spa. The latter should open in eight months, according to Dianna. The Citadel Properties group is a family group from Sharjah and it’s planning to open, in the future, a unit based on the first spa in London. There’s also a project to open spas in other Gulf countries, plus the five ones in Dubai.

In the UAE and in the world

Press Release

In the new spa: Amazon Indians treatments

Citadel’s headquarters is in Sharjah, where Dianna also lives, but most of her professional life takes place in Dubai. The Brazilian is thrilled with the initiative that she’s been developing. “Dubai has today the best project’s in the world,” says the Brazilian. Mentioning Expo 2020, the world exhibition set to take place in the UAE in 2020, she says that the country is the best place for designers and consultants to work.

Born in Nanuque, state of Minas Gerais, Dianna has already done projects and managed spas in many parts of the globe, including the Caribbean and China. Her career started when she studied Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture and Macrobiotics Medicine and worked with well-known professionals of the area. After opening a Macrobiotics restaurant in Porto Seguro, Bahia, she started managing a hotel in the same state.

In the 1980s, she started to create her projects. She developed a thalassotherapy in a hotel and later an organic farm, both in Brazil. In 1990s, Dianna designed and managed a health center in a high-end resort in the the Caribbean. She left after nine years and was hired as a consultant by Canada’s embassy in Cambodia in the areas of wellness and Macrobiotics cuisine. Also in Cambodia, she was hired as a consultant by a spa, the project of an Australian entrepreneur.

Dianna also worked in countries such as Greece, Egypt, Italy and China, developing or managing spas or as a consultant in the area. Then she spent a few years in Brazil. In China, five months after it opened, her project was awarded as the best spa in the country. In the UAE, Dianna also studied Islamic medicine to create the spa. “I read the Koran, the books of Islamic medicine,” she says. She still hasn’t made plans about it, but after the UAE, she says she will return to Brazil.

Coya Spa
Phone: +971 42869281
Website: www.coyaspa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coya.spa/

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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