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24/08/2017 - 07:00hs

Marrakech-inspired lingerie from Brazil

The Água Fresca brand of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais turned to Morocco for elements to draw on for its Spring/Summer. The company’s owner and a designer took a trip to the Arab country last May.

Press Release

The designer (R): lace with henna-like elements

São Paulo – Lingerie brand Água Fresca of Minas Gerais, Brazil will put out next September its Spring/Summer collection inspired in Marrakech, Morocco. Designer Júlia Zingoni travelled to the Moroccan town in May to canvas for elements for new designs. “Our buyers are hip people. They’re into culture and are frequent travelers,” explains Zingoni. According to her, Moroccan culture was the primary reason for the Arab country’s being chosen as the theme of the collection.

The designer drew her cue mostly from the local markets, which are known as souks, with their racial variety, fabrics and rugs, natural dye, silverware and hubbub. “The spices in the souks are gorgeous,” Zingoni exclaims. She also tells that she took inspiration from the folk dish tajine, and from the clay pot it’s cooked in.

The terracotta tones in the city’s architecture and the desert were carefully incorporated into the collection’s color palette, and henna designs were the basis for creation of the lace details featured in the pieces.

The brand makes lingerie and other nightwear and homewear items, such as sleeping gowns, pajamas, kaftans, gowns, phat pants and plush sets. Elements from Morocco were worked into lace that’s reminiscent of henna, a wide range of colors, terracotta included; loose-fitting, light, fluid pieces, phats with Moroccan-style fringes (with pom pom ends).

“It’s a very rich universe, our sales staff loved it,” said Zingoni. The brand has five brick-and-mortar stores plus a virtual one, and it briefs its sales force of 30 women on every new collection. The briefing is underway this week, including information on the theme country, its peculiarities, and its food.

Zingoni travelled to Morocco with company director Juliana Moraes. The designer creates the collection with added input from two other Água Fresca designers. The photo shoot with models happened in a tapestry workshop in Minas Gerais and in the Consulate of Syria in Belo Horizonte, but the pictures from Moraes and Zingoni’s trip to Morocco will be part of the collection launch campaign.

Água Fresca

Água Fresca Lingerie was established 29 years ago by Juliana Moraes, an engineer by trade. At first it was just a multi-brand store, but her background in retail led Juliana to realize there was untapped market. It was ten years ago that she created her lingerie brand. Now, Água Fresca handles both retail and manufacturing.

All Água Fresca points of sale are in Belo Horizonte, and all carry own and third-party brands – with the latter accounting for 20% of sales. Its e-commerce is Água Fresca-only. No multibrand outlets carry the brand’s items. Manufacturing is carried out by third parties in Minas Gerais and elsewhere in South Brazil.

Júlia Zangoni is the owner’s daughter, and she joined the business with her mother 12 years ago. She oversees style and handles the marketing. The company has a tradition of creative, culture-centered collections. The work of Oscar Niemeyer has been an inspiration in the past, as was Italian immigration to Minas Gerais.

Quick facts

Água Fresca Lingerie
Website: www.aguafrescalingerie.com.br
Phone: +55 (31) 3657 6173
Email: contato@aguafrescalingerie.com.br

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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