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27/08/2017 - 07:00hs

Hi Tecnologies to expand its market in the Middle East

The technology company based in Paraná state launched a portable device for medical exams, with results coming out in ten minutes. It already sells pulse oximeters to the Arabs and will offer the new product in 2018.

São Paulo – The Paraná state-based company Hi Technologies has launched, two months ago, a portable device for medical exams and plans to start exports of this products starting in the second half of next year. The company already exports other products, such as a pulse oximeter and sensors. Hospitals in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are using these equipment abroad, according to the CEO of Hi Technologies, Marcus Figueredo.

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Hilab: exam results in 10 minutes

The company exports since it was founded. It was created by Figueredo and Sérgio Rogal Jr., the current CTO of Hi Technologies, when they were still Computer Engineering students in college. Initially, the two of them produced software for the long-distance monitoring of patients, but as soon as they launched the pulse oximeter, trademarked as Milli, the first demand came from abroad, from Indonesia.

The oximeter is the flagship of the company’s sales and the only product exported by Hi Technologies currently. The device monitors the signals of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Figueredo says that the global market accounts for 10% to 15% of the company’s revenues, but that this percentage varies according to demands from Brazil and from abroad. Indonesia is by far the largest purchaser of Milli abroad.

However, the top position in the company’s sales should change with the launch of the portable devices for medical exams, named Hilab. In addition to being exported, it should become the flagship in revenues. The launching of the product, which can be used for 100 types of exams, strongly impacted the Brazilian market. The device needs only a drop of blood from the patient to do the exams and give out results in ten minutes, on average.

Figueredo says that the device was developed also for the international market, but that initially sales are focusing on Brazil. The goal is to achieve the mark of 10,000 devices sold throughout the country until mid-2018 and after this focus on exports.

Hi Technologies believes there’s a market share for Hilab in Brazil in medical practice’s, low-cost clinics, ERs, home care and health care companies. The four main exams are major world healthcare problems: child mortality, maternal mortality, infectious and chronic diseases. The exams go from HIV to dengue fever, pregnancy, hepatitis, glucose and STDs.

Press Release

Figueredo: seeking market share in healthcare

In the Arab world, the Paraná-based company is planning to hit the foreign market with the Hilab starting with Dubai. Hi Technologies is planning to attend the Arab Health fair, in January 2018, and if they go, they will present the product to the region. According to Figueredo, in Dubai half of the non-natural deaths of adult males are caused by heart-related problems. The company’s new equipment does cardiac biomarkers exams and detects the problem when it’s occurring, according to the CEO.

Hi Technologies wants to analyze the specific characteristics of each market in regards to healthcare problems before exploring them, including the Middle East. “The possibilities are endless. These are large, good markets, with different features,” says Figueredo on the Arab countries. In addition to the United States and Europe, he also mentions Africa as a market to explore, since many regions of the continent don’t have lab medicine. According to the CEO, there are already ongoing negotiations with representatives abroad.

Currently, the Arab countries are only sporadic clients of Hi Technologies. The region has been buying the pulse oximeters from the company since 2003. The products are sent to distributors in the Arab world and have as end clients the region’s hospitals. Besides selling its new product abroad, the Paraná company also wants to expand Milli’s market share worldwide, including the Arab world. The CEO see this as a natural step, now that the product already has consolidated sales in Brazil. “We have audacious goals for the Milli,” he says.

Hi Technologies scaled up and earned more possibilities to invest in the foreign market after Positivo Informática acquired half of the company last year. Until then it was owned only by Figueredo and Rogal. When the two founded the firm, in 2004, there were other three partners, but they eventually gave up on the business.

Hi Technologies was created out of the entrepreneurs’ perception, who were interns in the technology department of a healthcare company at the time, that there were opportunities to be had in the telemedicine market. They registered their project at business incubator Incubadora Tecnológica de Curitiba (INTEC) and initially created software for long-distance monitoring. But when they realized that the product wouldn’t have room to scale up, they also began to develop equipment.

Besides the pulse oximeter and the medical exams portable device, Hi Technologies currently produces other items, such as oximetry sensors (put in the patient’s finger), oximeters for testing children’s hearts (to monitor the baby’s oxygen in the first hours after being born), sleep monitoring equipment, labor monitoring equipment and electrocardiogram reports system.

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Hi Technologies
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*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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