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29/08/2017 - 19:40hs

Language school offers Arabic lessons in São Paulo

Fisk’s Paraíso neighborhood unit made the course available after requests from its English students. Many Syrian and Lebanese descendants reside in the area.

São Paulo – Language school Fisk’s unit in São Paulo’s Paraíso neighborhood is offering a course in Arabic, in addition to the usual English, Spanish, and Portuguese for foreigners. Although Arabic has been an option for adults and teenagers for over six yours now, it also became available to children this semester.

“The Paraíso area is home to lots of Arab descendants, and some of the students taking English courses began to ask for Arabic as well,” said school principal Rachel Carvalho. “We had an English teacher in our team who also teaches Arabic, so we got a class together and got started.” The teacher, Fernando Al Kary, is still part of the roster.

According to Carvalho, student profiles are various and run the gamut from descendants looking to learn their ancestors’ language, those who are simply interested in Arabic or Arab culture and those who need it for business or work.

She adds that dropout rates are negligible – the course takes two-and-a-half years to complete. She assumes that this is so because Arabic isn’t a language that people in Brazil learn not because they are forced to, but because they really want to.

The Arabic course is available only from Fisk’s Paraíso unit. It does not comply with the school’s standard method like English does. Specific learning material is employed.

The course begins with the Arabic alphabet, common words and expressions. According to Carvalho, the first year is basically devoted to basic contents. After that, the focus shifts to conversational classes and more complex grammatical aspects.

Some two weeks ago, the school began teaching Arabic to kids. According to Carvalho, this entailed the teacher’s undergoing training on how to teach children. Two six-year-old girls are learning the language. A total of 12 people are studying Arabic at Fisk Paraíso right now.

Classes are twice a week and last an hour each, starting in February or August. The principal said in case at least three students are interested, they can begin at different times of the year. Private lessons are also a possibility. She said demand for Arabic lessons is increasing.

The course costs between BRL 250 and BRL 300 a month, and private lessons are BRL 125 per hour, but discounts are available as the number of hours per week goes up.

Quick facts

Arabic Course
Fisk Paraíso
Rua Maestro Cardim, 1307, São Paulo, SP
Phone: +55 11 3052-1510 or +55 11 3057-1931
Email: fisk@fiskparaiso.com.br
Website: www.fiskparaiso.com.br

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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