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01/09/2017 - 07:00hs

Brazilian-owned company now represented in Dubai

Most of business intelligence company Click Prompt’s clients are in the hospitality industry. Luxury hotels are the preferred target in the Middle East.

Press Release

Junior Belardo of Brazil is one of the founders of Click Prompt

São Paulo – Based in Orlando, USA and with a Brazilian among its founders, Click Prompt is beginning to branch out into the Middle East via a representative in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The target is hotels – not only in the emirate, but across the entire Gulf.

The hospitality industry accounts for some 90% of revenue for the business intelligence firm. “We collect data on a given operation and supply them to managers in real time, enabling immediate decision-making,” explains CEO and founder Júnior Belardo.

For a hotel, this means comfort and proper service to users. Through a QR Code in bedrooms that are easily read and identified by any mobile or tablet device, guests have access to a menu in five different languages whereby they can get in touch with different areas within the hotel. If they need a towel or the air conditioning malfunctions, they can let the reception know with a simple touch on the screen.

Besides solving each problem, the system logs complaints and suggestions to create a databank, enabling management to ascertain what complains are common and what improvements are needed. “We are present in lots of hotels, but we’re also in colleges and franchise stores, for instance. We can adapt to different types of business,” says Belardo.

At any rate, the lion’s share of demand for the company, which turned one-year old recently, comes from the hotel industry. That’s why Dubai came into its radar: “We look into different markets, and we realized that the UAE has a big hotel industry, so we set out to find a representative there and found a Brazilian who’s willing to work with us,” the CEO explains.

The representative’s name cannot be disclosed due to contractual reasons, according to Belardo, but he’s already out looking for clients – and expectations are high: “Besides Dubai, you have the other emirates and other Gulf countries. The Qatar World Cup also opens up great vistas,” he says. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar.

Entry into the Middle East required the addition of a sixth language to Click Prompt’s software. By the end of this year, Arabic will be available alongside Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish and English, according to the CEO.


Belardo moved to Orlando, Florida in 2013. Two years later he launched Click Prompt with four partners, including fellow countryman Renato Filipovi, but the company didn’t become active until June 2016. “At first our focus was on the United States, but now we reach nine countries via legal representatives,” Belardo recounts.

Apart from Dubai, the company recently opened representations in Singapore and in Auckland, New Zealand. In Brazil, its clients include hotels, a college network based in Maringá, Paraná, and a few franchise outlets.

Quick facts

Click Prompt
Email: info@clickprompt.com
Phone: +1 (800) 935-8220

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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