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11/09/2017 - 18:05hs

Conference in Lebanon to feature Brazilian writers

The Global Meeting of Brazilian Expatriate Writers will run from Wednesday (13) to Friday (15) featuring authors who were born in Brazil and live in other countries. Discussions will cover their literary work.

São Paulo – A meeting in Lebanon will feature Brazilian expatriate writers in discussions regarding their work. The 5th Global Meeting of Brazilian Expatriate Writers is taking place from Wednesday (13) to Friday (15) at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (Usek), in Kaslik, and in the Beqaa Valley.

Press Release

Khatlab has books out on Brazil-Lebanon ties

The event will be themed “Emigration and Literary Production: Cause or Consequence?” Speakers will include Brazilian writers who live in other countries and researchers of Brazilian literature. Discussions will revolve around the output of expat writers and the causes and consequences of their work.

According to the director of Usek’s Latin American Studies and Cultures Center (LASCC), Roberto Khatlab, who’s coordinating the event, this is the first time it’s held in the Middle East. Khatlab points out that Lebanon has the biggest Brazilian population of the region’s countries, and that 90% of some cities’ residents speak Portuguese.

Khatlab, a writer in his own right, has books out on Brazil-Lebanon relations from historical, religious and tourism perspectives. He believes the mission of Brazilian expat writers is to spread the word about Brazil as well as write about the country they chose to live in. “So that both Brazil and these other countries become known through the experience of writers living around the world,” he says.

The meeting is organized by LASCC, the department in charge of cultural affairs at Usek’s Faculty of Letters, and the Queen Mary University of London. Brazil’s Else R. P. Vieira, who holds a PhD from the latter university, will be one of the speakers. She has an ongoing research project named Entre-lugares da Literatura da Diáspora Brasileira (which translates roughly as In-Between Places of Brazilian Diaspora Literature) at Queen Mary University and the Postgraduate Program in Literary Studies of Brazil’s Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF).

Lectures at the meeting include “Imaginary perceptions of Brazil and Lebanon,” by Usek professor Melhem Chaoul, and “Brazilian emigration, literary production abroad and its feminization,” by Else Vieira. Both lectures will take place on Wednesday, shortly after the event opens at 5pm.

Brazilian writers slated to speak include Natan Barreto (who lives in the United Kingdom), Terezinha Fonseca (USA), Sônia Miquelin (pen name Mariana Brasil - Italy), Beti Rozen (USA), Vilmara Bello (USA), Roseni Kuranyi (Germany), Lorena Ellis (USA) and Roberto Khatlab (Lebanon). Brazilian researcher Charlene Miotti and Lebanese-born, Brazilian-based writer Assad Zaidan will also deliver lectures.

Coordinating the event alongside Khatlab are Usek’s pro-dean for Cultural Affairs Hoda Nehme and Faculty of Letters dean Nicole Chalhoub. The event relies on support from the Embassy of Brazil in Beirut (via ambassador Jorge Geraldo Kadri and the diplomat-in-chief for the Embassy’s Cultural section, Thiago Oliveira); from the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (Capes), the UFJF and Associação Cultural Internacional Mandala (Acima).

Past editions took place in the UK in 2013, Brazil in 2014, the USA in 2015, and Germany in 2016. This time around, it will happen in the Jean El Hawa Auditorium, in Usek’s main campus, for the first two days; on the 15th, the meeting will be held in the city hall of Lucy-Sultan Yaacoub, in the Beqaa. The conference is part of the 4th Seminar on Literary Expression by the Brazilian Diaspora.

Quick facts
5th Global Meeting of Brazilian Expatriate Writers
4th Seminar on Literary Expression by the Brazilian Diaspora
September 13 to 15, 2017 in Lebanon
Find out more: http://www.usek.edu.lb/news/brazilian-writers-abroad-and-the-literary-expressions-of-the-brazilian-diaspora

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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