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26/10/2017 - 16:09hs

Lebanese indie band to perform in São Paulo

Mashrou’ Leila create electronic beats spiked with sensuous and melancholy undertones. It will play shows on Friday (27) and Saturday (28) at the Comedoria area of venue Sesc Pompeia.

Press Release

Lebanese indie music group creates electronic beats

São Paulo – Lebanese group Mashrou’ Leila stands apart as it stands up to prejudice in their home country. They sing about LGBT and women’s rights, as well as race, religion, politics and the modern Arab identity. Their songs are infused with a range of musical references that run the gamut from indie pop to alternative rock, including electronic music and Arab folk music.

In its first appearance in Brazil, the band will play two shows at the Comedoria area of Sesc Pompeia, a venue in São Paulo, on Friday (27) and Saturday (28), with production from Bataclava Records.

The band whose name means “One-Night Project” is known for putting out melancholy ballads as well as strident hymns of Arab contemporary alternative music.

The quintet has three albums and two EPs out. The current lineup is singer Hamed Sinno, violinist Haig Papazian, drummer Carl Gerges, bassist Ibrahim Badr and guitarist Firas Abou Fakher. Their latest record, Ibn El Leil (Arabic for Son of the Night), features electronic beats with sensuous, melancholy undertones.

Press Release

Cover of the deluxe edition of the Ibn El Leil album

The group came together in 2008 in Beirut and are regarded as the founding fathers of the Arab contemporary alternative genre. Last year, in their first United States tour, they played in New York (Brooklyn), Washington and Los Angeles, attracting a wide range of concertgoers.

The band’s popularity has outgrown the Arab community, and its social relevance is attested by its sold-out concerts around the globe. It’s one of a handful of Arab pop bands to achieve such popularity in Europe and America.

Find out more here at http://www.mashrouleila.com/ e sescsp.org.br/pompeia

Quick facts

Mashrou' Leila at Sesc Pompeia
October 27-28, Friday and Saturday, 9:30pm
Rua Clélia, 93 - Pompeia

Tickets available at the venue or online at https://www.sescsp.org.br/programacao/134574_MASHROU+LEILA+LIBANO, with prices ranging from BRL 12 to BRL 40

Watch the video for "Aoede," off the Ibn El Leil album, with English subtitles:

Mashrou Leila - Aoede


*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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