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30/11/2017 - 07:00hs

Lebanese streaming service comes to Brazil

The digital platform offers movies and series from Lebanon and the Middle East. For now, the languages available are English and Arabic. In a partnership with ANBA, M Media is offering a 90-day free trial period.

São Paulo – The streaming service M Media arrived in Brazil and offers a compilation of movies and series from Lebanon and the Arab world for a monthly price of USD 5. The company plans to become a reference in content produced in Lebanon and about the country, in addition to promote relevant content from the Middle East to the world.

Press Release

Poster of the movie "What About Tomorrow", by Ziad Rahbani

For now, the languages available are English and Arabic, but the digital platform is planning to translate the content (audio and subtitles) to Brazilian Portuguese, French and Spanish, the languages most spoken by the diaspora.

The website offers movies, series, web series, short features and documentaries, plus theater plays. The digital platform produces original content, such as the movie of the play “What About Tomorrow”, by Ziad Rahbani, which was launched in the movie theaters circuit and was one of the biggest box office hits in Lebanon last year, with over 160,000 viewers.

The digital platform is in its beta version, that is, it hasn’t been launched officially, and according to M Media’s programming director, Moe Hamzeh, the short-term goal is to acquire more content and launch an app. “We want to be a reference in Lebanese and Arab content for the diaspora across the world,” said the director to ANBA during a visit to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo.

Approximately 85% of the platform’s content is Lebanese and the other 15% comes from Arab countries such as Egypt. “We are trying to acquire independent movies, to give greater visibility to these productions, which a lot of times didn’t even hit our theaters and go straight to festival across the world,” he explained.

Hamzeh was emphatic when talking about the content diversity, with movies about politics, sex, drugs, LGBT rights and religion. “We want to provide an environment where talented young people can express themselves, with no censorship, and where people can watch and expand their point of views, learning the importance to coexist and respect the differences,” he added.

Press Release

The programming director of M Media in a visit to ANBA

The Lebanese visited Brazil this week alongside the delegation from Lebanon that came to the festival “This is Lebanon,”, Panorama of Lebanese Cinema, which took place from November 23 to 29 in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Many movies screened in the festival are available at the online platform. He said that he loved to get to know the two Brazilian cities and that he came to signs partnerships and, who knows, to get funding to expand the platform.

“Brazil is a country with a huge Arab community, we see a lot of potential in future partnerships. I believe there’s a promising market for this dialogue here,” he said. “We believe that we can be ambassadors for the Middle East through movies, both for the diaspora and young people across the world,” he said.

In a partnership with ANBA, M Media is offering a 90-day free trial period to our readers.

To watch content from the platform, click this link https://m.media/Pages/BrazilProject.aspx on any browser and register with your name, email and a password. Next, you will receive an email to confirm your information and, then, just return to the website https://m.media, click in “Sign in”, put in your email and password, and you will be granted a 3-month period.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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