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11/12/2017 - 17:08hs

Trade surplus registers at over USD 1 bn in the month

Trade surplus in December’s first two weeks is the result of Brazilian exports worth USD 4.779 billion and imports worth USD 3.741 billion.

São Paulo – Brazil registered a trade surplus of USD 1.038 billion in December’s first two weeks. Exports in the period totaled USD 4.779 billion, with imports reaching USD 3.741 billion.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), there was an increase of 9.9% in exports over the same period of 2016, as per the daily average. The hike was due to an exports increase in three categories of products.

Exports of semi-finished products, such as iron, steel, ferro-alloys, copper cathodes, gold, wood in chips or particles, and sawn or chipped timber, increased 14.9% in the period, from an average, per business day, of USD 120.6 million, to USD 138.6 million.

The daily average of basic goods – such as soybeans, maize in grains, tobacco leaves, raw cotton, copper ore and beef – climbed 9.2% in the period, going from USD 268.5 million to USD 293.1 million.

And exports of finished products, such as passenger vehicles, earthmoving machinery, aluminum oxide and hydroxide, gasoline, polymers and ethanol, went up 8.4% by the daily average, from USD 317.5 million to USD 344.2 million.

The daily average of Brazilian imports until December’s second week was USD 623.5 million, 19% above the average from December 2016. Purchases increased 35.4% with organic and inorganic chemicals; 34.8% with optics and precision equipment; 31.8% with plastics and products; 31.6% with vehicles and auto parts; and 27.7% with electronics.

Year-to-date, the surplus registers at USD 63.041 billion, with exports standing at USD 204.929 billion, and imports at USD 141.888 billion.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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