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12/12/2017 - 17:06hs

Governor tells diplomats about investment projects

Geraldo Alckmin of São Paulo welcomed representatives of 45 countries – including Arab ones – for breakfast this Tuesday (12) and told them about initiatives amenable to foreign investment.

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Diplomats gathered for meeting in São Paulo

São Paulo – São Paulo state governor Geraldo Alckmin welcomed diplomats from 45 different countries at government seat Palácio dos Bandeirantes this Tuesday (12) and told them about business opportunities available in the state. Delegates from Arab countries were in attendance, including the dean of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brazil and Palestine ambassador to Brazil, Ibrahim Alzeben. Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce CEO was there as well.

The governor handed out material containing details of investable projects such as highway concessions, railway operation and maintenance, housing construction in green areas, passenger transportation, health services and parks construction and operation.

Alckmin expressed a willingness to bring foreign investment into the state. Speaking with the governor after the meeting, Alaby of the Arab Chamber mentioned two issues that would lead to bigger Arab investment in Brazil – the signing of mutual investment protection treaties and the end of double income taxation. The governor pledged to Alaby that he will work on addressing these two issues.

During the meeting, the diplomats also learned about the state’s new highway concession model, which was recently put in place to comply with world-class standards, and has technical approval from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), according to information from the state government’s press office.

Press Release

Alzeben, Alckmin and Alaby: investment

The breakfast event was organized by the state government’s Special Advisory for International Affairs. Besides discussing business, the governor pointed out the relevance of the diplomats’ own countries to the state’s formation. “I stress the importance of the diplomatic body here in São Paulo. Racial miscegenation is imbued in the DNA of this state, a cosmopolitan land of tolerance and peace. This territory welcomes people from all over the world. This is where the power of our state resides, a state that loves labor,” he said.

A press release said diplomats from Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, North America and Africa were in attendance. Delegates from Arab countries besides Alaby and Alzeben included UAE consul to São Paulo Ibrahim Salem Alalawi, Saudi Arabia delegate Wail Hababi and Morocco honorary consul Hilton Antonio Peña.

Also attending the meeting were state government delegates including vice governor Márcio França, secretary of government Saulo de Castro Abreu Filho, Investe São Paulo CEO Sérgio Costa and Ana Paula Fava, who’s in charge of the government’s Special Advisory for International Affairs.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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