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04/01/2018 - 16:58hs

Vehicle sales climb in Brazil

Last year saw 2.24 million automobiles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses sold across the country.

São Paulo – Sales of new vehicles were up 9.23% in Brazil in 2017 to 2,239,403 automobiles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses sold, the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distributors (Fenabrave). In 2016, sales had dropped by 20.47%.

Sales also went up in December, by 4.13% to 212,629 units sold. “The sum of positive factors and the addition of the 13th wage to households’ budgets buoyed confidence and expectations for consumers, who went out to the dealerships to buy their brand-new cars,” said Fenabrave chairman Alarico Assumpção Júnior.

Fenabrave expects the scenario to remain sales-friendly, with growth in sales across the board prospectively reaching 10.3%.

Via Agência Brasil. Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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