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15/01/2018 - 19:43hs

Arab Chamber staff gathered at convention

The event was intended for the sharing of information and ideas regarding the organization. A research showed that the Chamber enjoys credibility.

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Groups discussed problems and came up with solutions

São Paulo – The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce welcomed its staff last Saturday (13) for Convenção Rumos (Pathways Convention), a wide-ranging event designed to integrate its personnel at its headquarters in São Paulo. “The goal was to make sure everyone got the same information, to determine the Chamber’s strategy, where we want to be, what are the avenues towards that and what will be done,” said president Rubens Hannun.

The idea was to have personnel find out what’s going on in other departments and collaborate. Managers gave presentations about their own departments, putting emphasis on their 2018 calendars. Staff from different areas formed groups and were encouraged to discuss and come up with solutions for company issues. The previous day, they had engaged in a recreational problem-solving activity that was unrelated to corporate affairs.

Hannun said that debate and the sharing of ideas by professionals were highlights of the event. He also said the goal was achieved. “The team got involved in a productive, enthusiastic way up until 6 pm,” he remarked, lauding the staff’s involvement and participation in discussions across the board.

Press Release

A poll revealed how members view the Chamber

As the day progressed, the results of a poll that saw Arab Chamber members and clients assess the organization were also presented, showing that the Chamber has credibility among its partners. “The Chamber enjoys credibility and this is a major asset, especially considering the scenario in Brazil right now,” Hannun asserted.

The poll was commissioned so the Chamber could find out more about its clients’ needs and what can be improved on. “This is a collaborative economy-type initiative. It’s about bringing information from outside and digesting it internally,” the Arab Chamber president said.

The poll’s results were presented to the staff, who sat down in groups to discuss how to meet clients’ requirements. According to Hannun, this marks the beginning of ongoing work and will dictate the organization’s strategy going forward.

On Tuesday (16), the Arab Brazilian Chamber will welcome its members and partners for breakfast, during which it will announce its key activities for 2018.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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