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19/01/2018 - 07:00hs

Brazilian teaches leadership course in Dubai

The training course ‘Eagle Development and Leadership’ was developed for people wishing to enhance their professional and personal development. The immersion course, given in English, takes place from February 1 to 3.

São Paulo – A Brazilian from Porto Alegre is teaching leadership and self-knowledge courses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Demétrius Rodrigues founded the International Institute of Human Evolution about a year ago and will teach, in English, the training course “Eagle Development and Leadership (EDL)” from February 1 to 3.

Press Release

Rodrigues in a class of Coaching and NLP in Abu Dhabi

“Our courses are designed for entrepreneurs, leaders, seekers [of self-knowledge] and all the people that want to enhance their personal and professional development,” said Rodrigues in an interview, by phone, to ANBA. “The course’s purpose is to offer tools to those willing to learn more about themselves and to evolve in all areas of life,” he added.

The EDL course is a three-day immersion course in a Dubai hotel. It starts on a Thursday evening (1) and runs until Saturday (3) afternoon, and is designed in a way that the student can experience human beings’ four basic emotions: anger, sadness, fear and happiness, as to assimilate and benefit from these emotions, making them drive them in the achievement of personal and professional goals.

The institute also offers courses in Portuguese. One of them is the “PNL Coaching Practitioner with Hypnosis”, focused on neurolinguistics programming (NLP), with the next one scheduled to March 30 and 31. “My audience is 80% Brazilians, but we also teach people from other nationalities, expats from Portugal, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia and even Lebanon, “said Rodrigues.

He also said that from the total of students, approximately 70% are women. “We have a large number of Brazilian women, among them belly dancers, jiu-jitsu athletes and wives of expats. Regardless of their profile and the fact that we are in Dubai, I believe that women are more open to evolution and self-awareness,” he said.


Demétrius César Rodrigues moved to Dubai two and a half years ago. He went to meet his wife, who, at the time, worked with foreign trade in the emirate, and worked as a market intelligence advisor to the governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a period of one year and three months.

After this time, Rodrigues, a graduate in the area of development – with degrees such as “Master Trainer PNL”, hypnotherapist and “Master Life Coach” – founded the International Institution of Human Evolution – IIHE, which offers immersion courses, workshops and coaching private sessions, leadership, self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and Neurolinguistics Programming (PNL).

“Our goal is to change the lives of over 50,000 people for the better until 2026”, he concluded.

For further information, visit http://iihe.ae/pb/

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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