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19/01/2018 - 17:18hs

CCR wins subway concessions

Consortium headed by the company was awarded lines 5-Lilás and 17-Ouro of São Paulo’s rail transportation system for BRL 553.8 million (USD 177.55 million).

São Paulo – The consortium formed by group CCR and by RuasInvest won this Friday (19) the bidding for the concession of lines 5-Lilás and 17-Ouro of the São Paulo subway system. The consortium, named Via Mobilidade, offered BRL 553.8 million (USD 177.55 million) for the operation of services for 20 years. The amount is near three times the minimum bid of BRL 194.3 million (USD 62.29), resulting in a premium of BRL 388.5 million (USD 124.55 million).

The contract envisages BRL 10.8 billion (USD 3.46 billion) in tariff revenues and the operation of add spaces. The line Linha Lilás should have, when concluded, 17 stations, connecting districts from the São Paulo South Side, from Capão Redondo to Chácara Klabin. The estimative is for the line to attend 850,000 users. The line Linha Ouro is a monorail that will connect, through 10 stations, the district Morumbi to Congonhas airport, carrying 200,000 people per day. Also expected are investments and re-investments by the managers worth BRL 3 billion (USD 960 million).

CCR and RuasInvest are also major shareholders of the consortium Via Quatro, which manages the subway line Linha Amarela, the only one under concession to the private sector. CCR is also a concessionary of important highways in São Paulo state, such as Anhanguera-Bandeirantes, Castello Branco and Rodoanel.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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