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26/01/2018 - 14:07hs

Ambassador: Brazil-Arab countries trade could improve

Malek Twal, Jordan’s ambassador in Brasília, met with directors of the Arab Chamber to discuss the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum, on April 2, and the meeting between entrepreneurs from both countries.

São Paulo – Jordan’s ambassador in Brasília, Malek Twal, visited this Friday (26) morning the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, in São Paulo, to discuss the organization of the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum, on April 2, and the Brazil-Jordan business meeting on the following day. Both events will take place in São Paulo.

Alexandre Rocha/ANBA

Twal: we need to capitalize over the trade growth

“The Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum is very important, since when we talk about Brazil, it’s a large country that represents half of Latin America, and on the other side there are 22 Arab countries,” said the diplomat to ANBA, after a meeting with the Arab Chamber’s president, Rubens Hannun, CEO, Michel Alaby, the presidency’s senior advisor, ambassador Ramez Goussous, the Special Projects Advisor, Tamer Mansour, and the marketing analyst, Tâmara Machado.

“For ten years, the bilateral trade has been growing continuously, even in times of crisis, and that’s something that we need to capitalize on, to establish even more economic relations. There are many possibilities,” said Twal. “Brazil and Arab countries have a lot in common, they are developing nations, with similar challenges, but rich in natural resources and human capital. We have ample opportunities to work together for a better future for our people,” he added.

The Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum will be organized by the Arab Chamber, with the support of the Union of Arab Chambers, presided by Jordanian, Nael Al Kabariti, and of the Arab League, organization of the region’s governments.

Meanwhile, the Brazil-Jordan business meeting, according to the ambassador, should have a wide participation of entrepreneurs of his country, from sectors such as food products, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aeronautical industry and tourism. He expects, at least, 50 Jordanian entrepreneurs.

According to the diplomat, there’s interest from Jordanian investors in Brazilian companies such as those of food products and pharmaceuticals. In the first case, the goal is to secure the supply to the Jordanian market, and in the second case, the goal is to enter the Brazilian market.

Jordan also wants to encourage Brazilian investments in its industry, with a highlight on the aeronautical and vehicles sectors. In the infrastructure sector, the idea is to attract companies from Brazil to projects in Jordan, and the reconstruction of the neighboring countries Syria and Iraq. “The goal is to make Jordan-Brazil’s relation to take a step forward,” said Twal.

There’s expectation that the ministries of Industry and Commerce and of Investments from the Arab country could come for the event.

Twal added that an agreement between Jordan’s Customs department and the Arab Chamber, for the implementation of an exports online certification system developed by the latter, could be negotiated.

Keep an eye on ANBA, on the Arab Chamber’s website (www.ccab.org.br) and on the organization’s accounts on social media to know more about the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum and the Brazil-Jordan business meeting.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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