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26/01/2018 - 17:14hs

Spending by Brazilians abroad the highest since 2014

Expenditure in international travelling reached USD 19 billion last year. Spending by foreigners in Brazil stood at USD 5.8 billion.

Brasília – Spending by Brazilian tourists in travelling abroad reached USD 19 billion in 2017, reported this Friday (26) the Brazilian Central Bank (BC). It’s the highest amount since 2014, when it reached USD 25.6 billion.

Revenues, that is, spending by foreigners travelling to Brazil totaled USD 5.8 billion. Thus, international travelling posted a deficit of USD 13.2 billion last year. It the largest deficit since 2014, when it reached 18.7 billion.

Last year, the services account, which included international travelling, posted a deficit of USD 33.8 billion, the highest since 2015, when it reached USD 36.9 billion.

“Most of services have been presenting an increase of the deficit, showing, actually, that it’s widespread a larger demand for imported services,” says the head of the Statistics Department of the Central Bank, Fernando Rocha.

The services account is part of the current accounts, which, in 2017, posted a deficit of USD 9.8 billion, the lowest deficit since 2007, when the country had a surplus of USD 408 million in foreign transactions. Current account comprises the purchase and selling of goods and services, and remittances between Brazil and the rest of the world.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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