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30/01/2018 - 07:00hs

End of embargo opens opportunities in Sudan

The United States lifted the economic embargo to the African country in October of last year. According to the Sudanese embassy in Brasília, there’s interest in partnerships in the aerospace sector.

André Barros/ANBA

Mustafa (L), Alaby (C) and Yousif (R): visit to the Arab Chamber

São Paulo – The end of the economic embargo to Sudan, lifted by the United States in October of last year, opened up opportunities for investments and exports of Brazilian products to the African country. The expectations by Sudan’s embassy in Brasília is to increase trade between the countries, which was worth, last year, a little over USD 42 million, according to data by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC).

This Monday (29), Abdelmoniem Yousif, the embassy’s new counsellor, and Khalid Mustafa, who is leaving the position after two years to return to his homeland, met with the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce’s president, Rubens Hannun, CEO, Michel Alaby, and the Special Projects Advisor, Tamer Mansour, in São Paulo. In an interview to ANBA, the counsellor said that Sudan has a special interest in the Brazilian aerospace industry.

“We have Sudan Airways and we are seeking a cooperation with Embraer,” said the counsellor, without getting into specifics. The logistics sector, according to him, offer many investment opportunities, both in aerospace and maritime and railway sectors.

The counsellors pointed out that the country has finished projects, in search of investors, in many sectors. According to them, the Ministry of Development and the state secretariats can help those interested. There are opportunities in the mining and agricultural sectors, sheep industry and telecommunications, plus the aforementioned logistics.

Regarding Sudan’s exports to Brazil, the counsellors mentioned sesame oil, gum Arabic and hibiscus and products with large potential. On the other way around, they see agricultural machinery, railway equipment, aircraft, sugar and veterinary products and pharmaceutical as good options to Brazilian entrepreneurs.

“We want to increase exports to Brazil,” said Mustafa. Last year, Brazilian imports from Sudan totaled a little more than USD 500,000, according to data from the MDIC, compiled by the Arab Chamber – a decline of 45% over 2016.

Khartoum International Fair

Monday (29) was the last day of the Khartoum International Fair in the Sudanese capital. During a week, the Brazilian stand, sponsored by the Arab Chamber, welcomed a good number of visitors. “In particular, in the last two days,” said Fernanda Baltazar, the organization’s executive of International Business who was at the fair every day.

Arab Chamber

Brazilian stand at the Khartoum International Fair

Besides the Arab Chamber’s institutional presence, a local importer was hosted by Brazil’s 15m² stand, representing four Brazilian brands: Fame, manufacturer of electrical showers; Baterias Moura (car battery); Mundial, manufacturer of scissors and knives; and Mondial, manufacturer of home appliances such as fans and batteries.

According to Fernanda, Moura received an order and a container will arrive in the next few weeks in Sudan. The other brands were also well-received: “Fame exports showers since 2015 and this participation helped consolidate the idea of electrical showers, an item that is not very common in Sudan. In general, the Brazilian products is well-known and very strong in here,” she said.

The Arab Chamber’s executive said that Sudanese authorities, such as the vice-president and ministers, visited Brazil’s stand at the fair. “The participation in the Khartoum Fair makes a lot of sense, since we have products highly sought after and well-received by the local consumer,” she added.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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