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08/02/2018 - 07:00hs

Egyptian entrepreneurs coming to Brazil for Apas

A delegation of 22 representatives from Egyptian companies plans to visit São Paulo at the time of the São Paulo Supermarkets Association Fair (Apas) in May. The Arab Chamber promoted some events in a seminar in Cairo.

Press Release

Rubens Hannun (C) next to ambassador Ruy Amaral

São Paulo – The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce attended a seminar and meeting with Egypt’s Food Export Council, organized by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce, this Wednesday (6) in Cairo. Near 70 Egyptian business owners were at the meeting.

The Arab Chamber’s president, Rubens Hannun, CEO, Michel Alaby, and Special Project Advisor, Tamer Mansour, talked about the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum, which will be held on April 2 in São Paulo, the Mercosur-Egypt free trade agreement, and the participation of Arab companies in the São Paulo Supermarkets Association Fair (Apas) in May.

According to Mansour, the Egyptian ministry is planning to organize a business mission with 22 business owners from the food products sector to come to Brazil at the time of Apas, with the support of the Arab Chamber. The organization has kept, for years, a pavilion with stand to Arab exhibitors. “They (the Egyptians) told us that they wish to work closer to the Arab Chamber,” said Mansour.

The Mercosur-Egypt agreement was another widely discussed topic in the event. The Egyptians want to bring forward the dates for the revocation of import tariffs of some products that are covered by the agreement and are trying to convince the South American block to approve the changes. In a press conference held after the seminar, the majority of questions made by local journalists focused on this topic.

Press Release

Egyptian business owners watching the seminar

The executives of the Arab Chamber also invited Egyptian business owners and authorities to take part in the Brazil-Arab Countries Economic Forum, organized by the Brazilian organization. In addition to the entrepreneurs, also attended the meeting the first deputy secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ahmed Anter, the CEO of the Export Development Authority of Egypt, Sherine El Shorbagi, and Brazil’s ambassador in Cairo, Ruy Amaral.

Also on Wednesday, Arab Chamber’s representatives met Hossalmedin Zaki, deputy secretary-general for Political Affairs of the Arab League, and reinforced the invitation made to the League’s secretary-general, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, to attend the forum in São Paulo.

They also invited to the forum executives from the logistics hub and free trade zone of the Suez Canal, who are interested in talking about investment opportunities in Egypt.

In the evening, a dinner gathered the Chamber’s director, authorities from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and business owners from varied sectors, such as fertilizers, petrochemicals, textile, agricultural production and food industry, and from the Egyptian Exporters Association (Expolink).

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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